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This Syrian beauty is a sight to behold! Especially when she is down on her knees stuffing her hungry mouth with thick juicy cock! But she considers most Westerners filthy! Westerners? You mean us? What Westerners? I think Kimberly confused us with those other guys from Incredible Dollars. We’re not Westerners. We’re Egyptians! If Kimberly only knew the true origin of that cock in her mouth, would she had done things differently? Will she still play hide the salami in every orifice in her body, not knowing if the people she hates so much is actually one that is attached to the cock she’s playing with?

The drama would soon unfold as this Muslim slut decides to play hooker for us. She managed to be a busy little girl doing us lots of sexual favors. Two of those included some mean gagging as she worked that stud’s cock to woody submission. She also got her twat well-oiled for a fierce meeting between Egyptian cock and Syrian pussy. She wanted us to fill the emptiness between her legs! I see the desert sun isn’t the only one that sizzles in this side of the world! Of course, we keep telling her we hate Americans too. We’re just trying to hide our Bostonian accents. Hot damn, great Arab sex here, folks! And this American-hating Arabic slut has a lot to offer!

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It’s been five long hardy years since
Maria Moore’s mammary madness has wowed porn afficionados
with her momentous work. Well, time has certainly made
our hearts grow fonder for Maria and her awesome pair
of 36JJs onscreen. This luscious and sought after big
boob model has certainly made a mark to us boob fetishists
and we just can’t get enough of her. That is why Incredible
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Since her first b/g scene, porn fans have always wondered
if she’ll ever do hardcore. And by God, this winsome
slut could be a prime candidate for some premium porking.
Good thing, Maria is such a good sport. She has finally
relented to do what we all wanted and much much more.
We finally get to see her in action. From modeling
to the start of pornstar-dom she goes down further
as a cum hungry whore who’s willing work hard for her
man’s jizz! The term fellatio just doesn’t describe
her awesome cock smoking skills. Even the way she gets
her humps humped adds that a special kind of magic
that tugs on our pervy little hearts.

So now, we are proud to announce Maria Moore’s newest
spank happy milk wagon mayhem in explicit hardcore.
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