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Sweet Taylor shows off her abundant curves as she poses for her boyfriend, her round, full ass and creamy melons glowing

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Slutty Trinity is all about feeding her desires as she sprawls out on the bed, showing off her generous curves, her

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Sexy Yoko is all smiles as she strips out of her skimpy lingerie, squeezing and groping her creamy tits and giving her

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Feisty redhead Adrienne shows her playful nature poolside, with a sensuous look at her creamy skin, meaty thighs, and

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Sexy Katerina teases with her green satin teddy, flashing peeks of her pussy out for all to see, then spilling her round

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Refined Asia looks ready for a night on the town, but she

Coy Dana is no stranger to lewd acts in public, and she


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Sexy Ruby licks wet lips and lets her body shout her craving for hot, hard cock. She poses, her creamy smooth skin

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The Boss was vacationing in the Florida keys and was in his room one day and heard a knock on the

door, who could it be he thought, and then he heard an angelic voice whisper “house keeping!” He looked through

the people and to his surprise stood a 5’9 curvy latina chick who was drop dead gorgeous. He threw open the door

he stood there naked and she couldn’t resist. She dropped to her knees immediately started servicing The Boss!

The room wasn’t the only thing that got cleaned!

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I may have found the coolest thing ever today. When I was out shopping I noticed there

was a trampoline set up where they would strap people to elastic bands and shoot them into the air. I

just had to try it and after they snapped me into the air I just couldn’t get off. I was having so much

fun I just wanted to keep going and going.

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Yuhanna is one hot Arab Chick. She came to this country from the middle east because she loves to

fuck but because of the restrictions in her country she could get killed for her lustful habits. Now that she

has accepted her new life here she can have all the dick she wants but she still hates Americans for what they

did to her people. Bruno makes her realize that if she wants cock she’s going to have to start loving Americans

pretty quick, Alan gets her started with her first big American cock!

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Vanessa Monet is one fine dyme that is new to the business. This black teen has got a fresh tight

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This red headed beauty has some of the biggest natural tits you will ever see. She also has a

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her. This scene is amazingly Incredible!

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I love when the wind blows through my hair and, well other things tee hee. A buddy of mine has

offered to take me for a ride on his motorbike around town, so why don’t you come along and watch. Keep your

eyes open and maybe I will show you how much my 42KKK’s like the breeze which will make my nipples hard. Are you

watching, did you see them?

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Valencia Rain is one sexy young middle eastern chick. This babe has been sheltered her whole life

in the middle east. She never got a chance to even go out on a date with a guy let alone fuck one. She wants so

bad to suck and fuck some American cock she is willing to do anything to get it, even put it on film and show

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The sweet and sexy Ava Gardens is just 18 years old and going to school for her bachelors. But

don’t let that fool you. With those voluptuous Tits and that Phat ass, Ava is far from Innocent. she may be a

school girl by day but she’s a hot stripper by night and willing to Do and try anything once.

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We found this big bubblebutt babe Stacy with a huge rack on the street. She needed to pay her rent

so I gave her $600 to fuck my boy Nathan on camera she agreed and we gave her the time of her life. This chick

had a matching set of tits and ass and was solidly stacked. We oiled her up and gave her brown ass a serious

smack down. Nathan clapped her ass cheeks and rocked her pink pussy with his ten inch dong. Her pussy dripped

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We met Kat outside the New York City post office and she was waiting for the rain to end to walk

home. We had a better idea, especially with those 34DD tits on her. We straight out asked if she wanted to do a

sex scene and would you believe it before we could even finish the sentence she agreed. Well we brought her back

to the studio and got Paulie to heat her up on this rainy, cold day

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his chocolate babe has the biggest most beautiful breasts you have ever seen in your life. She

also has that perfect big round booty to match! This chick is so free with her expressing her self sexually that

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his chocolate babe has the biggest most beautiful breasts you have ever seen in your life. She

also has that perfect big round booty to match! This chick is so free with her expressing her self sexually that

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SThe Bossxxx got Shane Diesel to fuck the shit out of Big Boob Milf Superstar Kayla Kleevage! We

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Megan Pryce is an ebony teen with total ghetto attitude. If you’re going to stare

at her round and brown ass, you better have a hard cock she can use! She oils up her ass, ready

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Claudia Marie came up from South Carolina to show off her big tits and curvy ass.

Little did she know, she was going to by fucked by Scotty, a porn star originally from South

Carolina. With her sexy accent, Claudia Marie gets to work, showing off her huge tits and

sucking dick. Then she gets fucked by Scott’s 9 inch cock and she just goes wild. Finally, she

gets a huge load all of her face and big tits. This cum hungry gal, just licks the cum off her

tits and is ready for more sex. God bless those Southern Ladies!

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Sophia loves being out in the sun and tanning. She is always running around in thong bikini’s

and laying out in her backyard. Her neighbor always sees her and has always wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

One day he spied her finger fucking herself when she was tanning. He ran over and asked her if she needed any

help and luckily her husband was away and she was willing to play!

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Missy is one respectable little babe. She was outside praying one day and we happened upon her

when she was upholding her religious ideals. We saw that she was so hot that we needed to talk to this chick.

She had no idea what porn was and we could see this chick was pretty sheltered. We showered her a thing or two

and unleashed a freak that had been pent up behind that scarf for way too long!

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Madelyn is from Upstate NY home of a popular gentleman’s club and she dances there! She

has never done an adult video before! But we got her to do it for the first time, working for Incredible

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Isabella is every man’s worst dream.
She is a woman who understands the power of PUSSY.
At sixteen, a virgin Isabella wanted a motorcycle but
didn’t have any dough. So what did she do? She went
to family friend and gave up the pussy and got herself
a brand new motorcycle. At such an early age, she knew
how to get ahead. Just flash her clams and men will
do anything for her. But now on her early twenties,
this bitch can one day rule the world! What’s so special
about her? Well, let’s just say that she is one adorable
fuck toy! everyone wants to lay! Isabella has an innocent
and open face, dotted with dusky and mysterious eyes.
She makes you think whether this bitch is scheming
or not? Once you lower your gaze, you see those awfully
nice bouncy perky tits. A guy’s morale will skyrocket
from zero to ten within seconds! Add a very alluring
curvaceous body that’s just asking to be ravaged. A
pussy that’s tight as a clenched fist. And you have
one fearsome combination of persuasion and mind control
that would best the highly resistant! Who can’t blame
a girl for using ALL of her ASSets to get what she
wants? She’s a go-getter who doesn’t mind getting her
pussy dirty? For being such a lovely babe, I trade
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We are getting so many calls now from big busty babes that are finding out, we are searching for new busty girls for Mz. Caution is another stellar curvy assed chocolate mama that is hornier than a dog in heat. Watch this Ebony Girl Suck & Fuck like a wild chocolate girl in heat!

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Wendy is a breath of fresh air. She just
turned into young adulthood and celebrates the occasion
by doing porn for the first time! It all started when
The Boss and Bruno met her sitting alone in a crowded
cantina in Cancun, Mexico. There was a dour look on
her face, but by God, she still incredibly sexy! The
Boss approached her and asked if she needed some company.
She was hesitant at first but soon warmed up to Prince
Charming. She told us that her blind date stood her
up. We were aghast! Why would a moron leave such a
lovely specimen of womanhood? This is an outrage! Just
look at her! Wendy has a great natural 36D puppies
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pair of bubble butt cheeks that you’d love to jiggle
around. And her slim but curvy figure makes her a winner
our book! We wanted to make her night memorable. We
bluntly asked if she’s willing to do porno with us.
Wendy shot back with a you’re-shitting-me look and
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How lucky can we be? Sara Stone is strapped for cash and came to us for help. She was fired from her job and her rent is due. Poor Sarah! This 21-year old Californian really caught us off guard. She’s a total hottie and we couldn’t help but see her endless possibilities. Giving us the vibe that she’s someone we can’t take easily advantage of, we tread carefully. This crafty bitch knew what she’s signing up for. She’s a big girl after all! But we mean it quite literally. With those big creamy white boobs alone, porn would welcome this ho with open arms!
At first, we didn’t know what to do with her. Good thing, our stud already had something good in mind. He said it involves mercilessly pummeling her with his rock hard cock! And pummel he did! He rides her good and hard, running towards wet ecstasy! But as tenacious as most Californians are, she puts up a fight! Like a soldier, she uses sex as a weapon and enjoys it! Sucking cocks was a tactical move as inserting his big hot love muscle into her love canal. Strategy is key just so she can make the stud lose his jism in one glorious explosion! This bitch knows how to play! Looking back, we’ve never had someone looked so game and yet still withhold part of herself into the scene. That makes her even more alluring!
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I was already having a good day when I left the university. Then I saw Bruno and things

got even better. He introduced me to his friend Randy who immediately turned me on. Then when he asked

me if I wanted to hang out with them, I knew this day would be not to be forgotten very soon. But then

as we were leaving things got even better! Venessa Del came walking around the corner looking sexier

than ever. We asked Venessa if she wanted to join and she jumped right in, too! When we got to the

apartment I was so wet that I had to start making out with Venessa immediately. She pulled out a dildo

which really got me horny than Randy took out his hard cock and started to fuck us both. Who says

three’s a crowd?

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Starring Minka, Paul and Seamus. You have all seen edited movies but never before a

totally unedited movie. This is the nurse movie shot by the BOSS for Big Tits and Curvy Asses. After

shooting second camera to the Boss it was decided that it was impossible to edit into a movie, so Minka

decided to let you see what it is really like making a sex movie. The stoppages, directors cuts,

instructions, dialogue mistakes and what ever happens when making a sex movie. It is all here. Oh yes,

let’s not forget the sex. There is plenty of action. Seamus comes to the doctor to get his penis

enlarged. The result is the largest penis Minka has ever seen in her life. A hand job leaves Seamus

spouting all over the place when doctor Paul comes in and catches Minka in the act. Wanting to keep her

job as a nurse Minka does whatever doctor Paul asks of her. She starts the doc off with a blow job and

then f***s his pants off in all kinds of positions. A TF winds up this movie and doctor Paul unloads

all over Minka’s huge tits.

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