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SIf you like tight petite Latinas, you will love Tristan Kingsley. This smokin

Spyder Jonez has been around the world and has tasted all the flavors of pussy this

life has to offer, but nothing compares to his bomb ass wife, Tera Patrick. Simply the hottest piece

of ass to ever strut her stuff on the hard core scene. Classic Eurasian beauty and perfect hourglass

figure coupled with a sensational love for lust, Tera brings the perfect pussy.She is the prettiest

face to ever be spattered with one of Spyder’s monster loads,Tera Patrick is the Creme de la


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There are cock-crazed sluts, and then there are COCK CRAZED SLUTS. With a fat cock in

her mouth, porn superstar, Teagan, becomes possessed like some sort of semen sucking vampire. The

level of intensity of the sexual energy between Teagan and Spyder is nothing short of torrid. Her

gorgeous face, skintight body, and perfect bubble butt make Teagan the ultimate blonde spinner. It

On the set of

This smoking hot, tanned hardbody showed up at the porno apartment and took us by

surprise. She spoke a little ghetto but fucked and sucked like she was going to the electric chair in

the morning. She had never squirted before, but soaked all the furniture. I pounded her face and

pussy until they were both sore and swollen, and she came so hard she was shaking in tears. She sucks

cock like a ghetto outlaw. Her pussy gets stretched under the massive girth, and her face blasted

like a glazed donut. The look of shock on her face when she is covered by Spyderz giant load is worth

the price of admission alone. All in all, a great sport, and a must see! Savannah Stern, what a


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Some women enter the adult industry as a career move, others are just sluts who just

worship the cock. Sara Jesse is a total slut starfucker who is completely possessed by her sexuality.

Her slender Rock and Roll body and beautiful smoking hot tits let you know that sara is built for

speed. Sara fucks lots of Rock stars off camera, but really gets whats coming to her at the porno

apt. spyder fucked her so deep, that she doubled over in pain and we had to stop filming.

Surprisingly with all the high mileage on her pussy, that shit was vice grip tight and oh so good.

All in all, a super cool chick.

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Every once in a while, a chick who seems just a little too hot to do porn finds her way

into the porno apt., aka, spyders web. Fresh off the boat from Spain, this classy bubble butt spinner

Latina not only delivers the goods, but also takes the fat cock like a champ. Ms. Linares is one of

the few porn stars that are clearly in it for the sex. Desperation in her eyes while getting her

pussy pounded could not be duplicated by an Oscar winning actress. What a slut!

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This supercharged vixen known as Nadia Nitro is about as hot as they come. Crystal blue

eyes, silky jet black hair, and an ass that if it could speak, would say,

The significance of Mindy Mane on is of paramount importance. Tera has been

letting Spyder bang porn chicks in Teravision movies for a couple of years, but Mindi was the FIRST

exclusive shoot for Like a naughty schoolgirl, Mindi squeezes two loads out of Spyder

No newcomer to the hardcore set, Mia Smiles is a seasoned veteran of the xxx hardcore

scene. An Asian sensation with a nice round ass, something you don

SMoonlighting on his music career as a funeral home janitor, Spyder Jonez is caught

playing pocket pool, eyeballing a good-looking corpse. Melissa Lauren is French and is as fucking

filthy as they come. A ball sucking whore who may have met her match, Melissa gets a true ovary

poking from behind as Spyder

Spyder Jones says

Fucking Lindsey Meadows is like fucking the babysitter. A sweet petite treat, Ms.

Meadows is a sexual dynamo of orgasmic energy who

If the girl next door looked like a modern day stripper mixed with Marylin Monroe, you

would be fucking Lexi Belle. Her baby soft skin, and soft blonde hair, give Lexi the vail of

innocence. Don

Lela Starr is the town tramp. Evan Seinfeld plays Spyder Jonez as Hardly Davidson, a

white trash biker piece of shit. No bitch in the trailer park can resist the mullet and the

motherfuckin mustache. This perky, petite, spinner known as Layla Starr, has a pussy that fits like a

velvet glove. Stricken with spunk hunger, Layla Starr swallows every of drop of Spyder

When its time for an asian sensation, spyder loves to order in. Keanni Lei and her super tight action sports body can take a lickin

Originally from London, Jordan Jagger is built like a brick shit house. Big fat stupid

titties and a perfect round ass make this sexy newcomber a sexual wet dream. She gets fucked every

which way, but definitely not loose and leaves the porno apt. with a blinky. Another one bites the

dust in spyders web.

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The whole time Spyder was pounding the tight little pusy of Jessica valentino, it looks

like he

DOMINATION! Anyone who

Jade is a real fuckin

Spyder fucks Jacklyn Case all over the porno apt for two hours until she finally begs

for mercy, which comes in the way of a facial protein shot. Another porn star destroyed.

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Rockstarpimp is proud to present smokin

It is no ancient Chinese secret that Evan has a case of yellow fever. His smoking hot

wife, Tera Patrick, and he both agree that asian chicks were put on this earth as some sort of

subservient sex kittens. Evalyn is what we call a sleeper. Not your typical hot import nights asian

glamour girl, but more like the girl at Chinese laundry, but don

There is something in the water of southern California that is breeding smokin

Chrissy moon had something about her that spyder couldn

Latin perfection personified. Ann marie is one of those girls who has been around porn for a few years. Over the last few though, she really only did girls, and had her own show on playboy tv, “private calls”. Some girls seem to enjoy fucking way more than others.. this chick was amazing. Once i started pounding her deep, and then pulling it and teasing her, She starts speaking spanish. Totally fucking awesome ! She sucks and fucks like it what she was born to do. with an element of class i might add. Super hot, Super Slutty, Super cockscuker…. takes the cumshot like a champ and doesn’s miss a beat. Her pussy is Spicy and hot like a tamale and made me cum so hard I almost fell over. Awesome, throw up your horns, rockstar pimp is at it again.

Bar none the filthiest animal of a girl to get filmed by rockstar Also one of

the coolest chicks on the hardcore set. anything goes with amber.. you can fuck any hole , any way,

any time. she is not only accomodating, but loves to get her head stepped on, ( which i cant really

figure, but hey, whatever turns you on), and loves to get choked out. the whole football team

probably could not fuck her hard enough, she is out for some real pussy punishment. For her grand

finale, or her coup de gr

Sometimes youth and inexperience are the hottest thing ever. Even though Teeny tiny

teen sensation alexis love is just 19, she handles the cock like a champ. To put it simply Alexis is

SMOKIN HOT… Her pussy was so tight, we stretched her hole till she could barely walk afterwards..

smooth soft skin, perfect little tits, and one of the sweetest sets of pussy and ass you can

imagine.. I don

Two parts J-Lo, one part Rosie Perez, this young smoking hot Latina is not old enough

to have a drink at the bar, but ends up licking Spyder’s hot spunk off the filthy floor of the porno

apartment. Renae gets throat fucked, pussy pummeled, dick slapped, and ass fingered

Spyder loves the euro bitches. Why??? Because they don’t talk. Jennifer Dark is a

nasty, nasty bitch who loves to suck and fuck and lick cum. She licks it off the floor and loves the

taste of her own cunt. A real ass fucking freak, Jennifer gets her pussy bruised, used, and abused,

and sent on her merry way. What a euro slut!

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When you wish upon a star, Aiden Star
A ripe little tart may as well have been plucked out of middle america, where not only is white bread

the diet staple of choice, but the girls are fucking sluts… top 3 sets of real tits i have ever had

my hands on.. these puppies look totally fake, which is perfect.. this chick gets fucked so hard

she turns beet red and cums all over the place. loves the rough stuff, and she takes such a monster

load to the face, she is in shock.Later , she accused me of having jimmy or someone else jerk off on

her also, because she never saw that much spunk come out of one man.. either way, you got it here….

rockstar pimp tagged ya. throw up yer horns!This bitch gets sprayed like it

Tiffany picks up Nikki at the park and gets her over to the sorority house for a nice

initiation. She’s shocked when she finds out that she needs to take a ten inch dildo and lick

chocolate pussy to get into Alpha Gamma Lez. She’s scared at first but ends up loving the dripping

pussy juices thats she’s licking up.

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This big booty bitch came to us and said she wanted to do porn, we looked at her and

asked her if she knew what the heck she was getting herself into. She said she could suck a mean cock

and take it deep in her tight twat so we thought we would give her a try since she had some big

natural titties and a big round ass. We stretched her pink pussy lips out and made her taste a huge

load of cum sauce, she loved every minute of it.

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My mom always told me ‘there’s no use in crying over spilt milk’. True, especially when

it’s spilling all over your body. That’s what happened to me tonight. I couldn’t sleep so I went into

the kitchen to make a glass of warm milk but when I started to pour the milk some splashed up onto my

tits. After that I thought of a better way to tire myself out. I started soaking myself with the milk

until my whole body was white and creamy. My tits were drenched and the cold milk made my nipples so

hard. It made me so wet and horny that I came as if someone was fucking me. So much for the warm milk

but this was a much better way to fall asleep.

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Fresh faced Seanna peeks shyly from behind a tree, thinking nasty thoughts about her

lusty desires. She can’t wait to get indoors and do sloppy, wet things to her hung boyfriend, and has

to quench her fire a little with a vibrator; she plunges the toy feverishly in her needy pussy on the

stone wall before she dashes inside. Her boyfriend is waiting, cock free and easy, and she takes his

fat cock into her warm, moist mouth. He’s rigid in no time, and is ready to plunder her sweet, round

ass, plunging deep into her tight hole. She rides him hard with her curvy, creamy ass, and he pounds

her heavily, clutching handfuls of milky flesh as he works towards a sweaty, dripping climax.

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Pocohontas is from the middle east, her parents are so enchanted by American pop

culture they named their daughter after a disney movie. She came here to learn english and the

American way of life. She went against her will because she really doesn’t like Americans. We

convinced her to take english lessons from us, we taught her all the important things like fuck and


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Kandee was caught red handed robbing a white man’s house. She said she was just trying

to support her family but this white man wasn’t having out. He wanted to call the police but figured

he could get retribution by filling her mouth with some white cock. Believe it or not this bitch had

the nerve to start calling him a honkey, cracker all types of slurs. She agreed to suck his dick but

in the end Kandi got hers and a pussy filled with white dick.

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Amber Lynn is one of the most famous porn star ever. She graced the pages and videos of

every major porn publication on the planet in the 1980’s. Well since then Amber has settled down and

got married and has teenagers. The bossxxx called her brother Buck Adams and begged her to secretly

do a porn comeback scene for and ohh what a performance she gave us! Welcome back to

porn Amber!

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We found this sexy student in the second largest mall in America, right in the parking

lot just looking like she needed to get fucked! After some slight persuasion we got her to come back

with us, only to suck and fuck The Bossxxx! Watch as she educates us on her amazing ability to deep


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Look at these monsters! Holy Shit! Kelly June tits are bigger than Baby Gangster

himself. They’re huge and natural and in dire need of a good fucking. That ass is so thick that it

needs to be pounded on for hours. So we brought in just the right man to get the job done. It’s take

a good size cock to satisfy that sweet ass and those huge tits but the men in Incredible Land can

take care of it.

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