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Solo Interviews - Alexis Texas

I’m sure this blonde cutie looks familiar to a lot of you. It’s none other than Alexis Texas. Right now, she’s one of the most promising up and coming porn stars on the internet and in porn videos. However, before anyone knew who she was, I did an interview with her. I was one of the first photographers to film her. I knew that she was going to be big, but I didn’t know just how big! Right away, she stood out from the other girls with her thick ass and her hyper sexual personality.

Check out these hot photos from my interview with Alexis. She was all about getting down to business, which luckily involved her taking off her clothes. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t stop starring at her butt. The rest of her body isn’t bad either, but that ass made me hard. She didn’t just pose for the camera either. It wasn’t long before she was rubbing her pussy. She was giving the camera lots of dirty looks as she rubbed herself. Then she slid a couple of her fingers inside of her tight pussy and started to moan.

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Oye Loca - Renae Cruz

What’s up mi amgos! You like that, I’m practicing my Spanish. Anyways, Mickey and I were back at the strip club the other afternoon, interviewing applicants. As you can see from the photo above one of the interviews got very hot and steamy. This mami’s name is Renae Cruz. She had the right dance moves up on stage, but we told her that we had a lot of applicants and asked why we should hire her to dance at our club. That’s when she invited Mickey up on to the stage for a lapdance and told us that she would show us why we should hire her. Check out these x-rated photos from our interview with Renae.

It started as your average lap dance, that is until she started to feel his rock hard cock. That’s when she ripped of his jeans and took his cock in her mouth. She gave blowjobs like she danced, let’s just say she knows how to work it! Then it got really wild. She tore apart her fishnet pantyhose so he could have full access to her dripping wet pussy. She climbed on to his lap and gave him an unforgettable lap dance. They moved into the VIP room and things got really wild. It wasn’t over until her sexy face was covered with his hot cum.

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The Real Workout - Capri

Check out these photos from the hardcore workout that Capri Cavalli got from her personal trainer. She just bought a new house that came with a jacuzzi and a whole bunch of exercise equipment. She decided to ask her personal trainer at the local gym if he made house calls and could help make sure she was using the equipment right. The workout started innocently, but as you can see when it was just the two of them, all alone, things started to get pretty steamy. This definitely wasn’t your average workout!

It’s hard to resist a hottie like Capri. She was wearing skin tight workout clothes and with her banging body, the trainer became a little distracted. She’s not angry when she catches him starring at her boobs, instead she’s turned on. One thing leads to another and both of their workout clothes are coming off. Right in the middle of this home gym, this hottie gets her wet pussy pounded. It wasn’t the kind of workout that she was expecting, but she needed it!

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Innocent High - Destiny Summers

Let me tell you about this slutty Innocent High coed named Destiny Summers. This Asian eighteen year old is a complete nympho. I’m sure she’s sucked more than her fair share of cocks. I know that she’s fucked more than a few guys. However, now she had her eyes set on the assistant principal. The other day, she went over to his house to talk to him about her senior project, but when she got there she confessed about her crush on him and how badly she wanted him to have sex with her. There’s no way any guy can resist an offer like that from Destiny.

Check out these photos from the after school counseling session with Destiny and the assistant principal. As you can see from the picture above, it wasn’t long before she was naked and ready to get very naughty. She was soon her knees with her lips wrapped around his rock hard cock. Sure, she was only eighteen years old, but she definitely knew how to suck cock. Of course it didn’t stop there. It wasn’t long before this teen was getting her tight pussy pounded by this lucky stud!

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Solo Interviews - Charlotte

Check out these photos of a very horny eighteen year old named Charlotte. She’s never done any sort of adult modeling but there’s nothing sweet and innocent about this barely legal vixen. She’s not at all shy, even in front of the camera. Usually, I’m the one giving instructions from behind the camera, but she took over and told me when and where to take photos. Let me say, it was a lot of fun and a very interesting afternoon. She’s definitely not your average teen. She’s a nympho and she doesn’t care who knows it.

Just a few minutes into the interview and Charlotte was already taking off her clothes and revealing her tight teen body. She has a these blossoming boobs with the most suckable nipples that I’ve ever seen. Plus, she has a pink pussy that was just begging to get fucked. She took out her blue dildo and with the camera watching, she started to rub it against herself. She definitely looked like she was having a lot of fun, especially as she slid that dildo deeper and deeper into her pussy.

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Oye Loca - Isabella Dior

Our current scheme to meet hot Latinas is by running an ad in the local newspaper looking for Latina models. Of course, we don’t mention that it’s for adult modeling, but when the girls get here and meet Mickey, things tend to get pretty hot pretty quickly. The other day, a smoking mami named Isabella Dior stopped by the audition for us. She started out modeling in a bikini, but as you can see it wasn’t long before the bikini was gone, she was showing us all of her banging body and a whole lot more. Check out these wild photos of the afternoon with Isabella.

She was willing to do just about anything to get some modeling work – even fucking the photographer assistant, none other than my buddy Mickey. While I filmed it, he pounded her Latina pussy. I love hearing her moan with her sexy Latina accent as he fucks her. The only thing hotter than that, was seeing him unload his cum all over her sexy face. When he started to get close, she started begging for him to cum on her face. She even took hold of his cock, jerked him off until he was ready to explode than aimed his cock at her own face.

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The Real Workout - Katja

Things have been pretty slow at the gym so me and Mickey came up with a plan to meet more girls. We decided to put an ad for personal trainers in the local newspaper. It wasn’t complete b.s., the gym Mickey and I work at needs some more personal trainers, but neither of us are in charge of doing the hiring. However, that didn’t stop us from doing some interviews. The first chick we interviewed was named Katja Kassin. She’s from Europe and has this super naughty accent. Check out these wild photos from the interview with Katja.

Well, she was willing to do just about anything to get this job – including fucking the interviewer. One minute, her and Mickey are talking about exercise routines and the next minute she has her mouthful with his rock hard cock. It definitely didn’t stop there. Soon, they were fucking on one of the exercise machines. The only thing that was hotter than that was seeing her getting her tender pussy pounded on one of the workout mats. He gave her a hard fucking and she thought that she definitely had the job – not so quick! We have some more interviews to do first.

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Innocent High - Charlotte

This weekend, a student from Innocent High named Charlotte stopped by my house. As assistant principal, I’m always willing to help out the girls from school, even on the weekend. She wanted to talk about her community service project. Every student at Innocent High has to do a community service project before they graduate and she hadn’t even started on hers. Well, I came up with an alternative way for her to get the community service credit. She seemed to like the idea as much as me. Check out these pictures of Charlotte doing some community service to my dick.

She was shy, but she had no reason to be – she has a tight body with these perky tits that I could’ve played with for hours. However, I couldn’t wait that long for her to start working on my cock. She started by just licking it, but it wasn’t long before she was giving me a full blown blowjob. She’s just eighteen years old, but definitely knows how to give a killer blowjob. The only thing better than that was fucking her tender pussy. I gave her a hard fucking and she moaned that she had never been fucked like that before!

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Solo Interviews - Hailey Young

Let me tell you about this eighteen year old hottie named Hailey Young. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of her in the future. I could definitely see her starring in porn movies very soon. To start with she has a tight, all natural body. She has the body of a model with girl next door looks. But then I found out about her addiction to sex. It’s a winning combination and guaranteed to get her far in this industry. I seriously doubt it’ll be long before she gets signed to a studio with a contract. Check out these photos of Hailey posing in front of the camera for the very first time.

Hailey is the type of girl that likes to masturbate every day. She could have a boyfriend and getting sex every day, but she’d still want to get herself off every twenty-four hours. She says that she loves to rub her clit and bury her fingers inside of her tender pussy and she was more than willing to show me and the camera. She put on a show and then it got even better. She took out her glass dildo and started to use it on her pussy. She didn’t stop until she got herself off!

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Oye Loca - Ice

So my buddy came up with our craziest way yet to meet Latinas. Our friend manages a strip club and said we could interview prospective dancers. It turns out these chicks are willing to do just about anything to work here. Check out these photos from Mickey’s up close and personal interview with this chica named Ice. This chick was from Puerto Rico and had the sexiest accent I’ve heard yet. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she had a killer body. I loved her perky boobs, Mickey seemed to be focused on her round ass.

We made it pretty clear that the competition for a spot at this club was pretty stiff and we wanted to see what made her special. One minute, she’s putting on a show on the stage, the next minute, she’s working Mickey’s dick with her sexy red lips. Then she invited him up on to stage to fuck her. He pounded her pussy from behind, then she climbed on top of him. She went for a wild ride on his cock. It was one hell of a lap dance and one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in a strip club. Actually, the cumshot at the end was pretty damn hot too.

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As requested I shot a few more Thai girls with a little meat on their bones and a set of tits. Nang is this girls name and she is a horny MILF who loves to fuck foreigners. I met her outside the movie theater when she was eye balling me. She was wearing a low cut shirt and her cleavage was giving me a serious hard on so I thought I’d move in for the kill. She didn’t even hesitate to agree to making a video even after I told her I was going to shoot my cum all over her face. Apparently she loves the taste of cum and this clip shows it because she eats it up like sweet sticky rice.

The Real Workout - Brittany

I was the unlucky personal trainer that was the only one working last night. Luckily, it was a pretty slow night and it looked like I was going to get out of there on time. I was about to lock the door when this chick named Brittany Blew walked in. Normally, I hate people that come in last night, but when a smoking brunette like her walks in, I’m not going to complain. It turns out that she was new in the area and was looking for a new gym. I gave her the grand tour of the place and then some. Needless to say, things got pretty interesting.

Check out these photos from my workout with Brittany Blew. One minute, I’m showing her some of the exercise machines we have, the next minute she’s telling me that she wants to give me a blowjob. I was shocked, but I wasn’t about to say no. Next thing I know, I’ve locked up the gym and we’re heading back to my place. Within ten minutes of meeting her, this chick had her pretty lips wrapped around my cock. Five minutes after that, she’s riding my rock hard cock like it was some sort of exercise machine. This chick was a complete nympho!

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Innocent High - Brandy Mae

Let me tell you about this problem student that I had to deal with this week. Her name is Brandy Mae and this chick was causing all sorts of problems with her teachers and the other students. She’s from the middle of the suburbs, but she thinks she’s a thug. Well, I don’t have time to deal with problems like her, so I told her that I was going to kick her out her sorry butt. Suddenly, she went from being all tough, to begging to stay here. I told her that she had to tell me why I should let her stay – she didn’t just tell me, she showed me. Check out these pictures from my meeting with Brandy Mae in my office.

It wasn’t long before this redhead teen was taking off her clothes, right in the middle of my office and showing me her sexy body. She also showed me what she could do with her mouth, I have to say that I was impressed by her blowjob skills. But it wasn’t going to be enough to keep her in school. I wasn’t sure that I was going to let her stay, until she spread open her legs and I fucked her tight teen pussy right on my desk. My papers went flying all over the room, but I didn’t care!

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Solo Interviews - Samantha

Check out these naughty pictures of a teen named Samantha. This girls is a real wild one. Within two minutes of meeting her, I knew that this wasn’t just going to be another interview. I knew that this one was going to get intense. One of the first things that Samantha told me is that she gets off at least three or four times a day. It’s like how most people need to breath, this horny chick needs to orgasm. She’s what I would call a genuine nympho. It’s not every day that you meet a chick like her!

The interview started out hot and kept getting steamier. She was wearing only this naughty lingerie and matching panties. That alone was enough to get my attention, but then she started taking it off. She has a tight body with these perky boobs and very fuckable pussy. She started to rub her clit and started to moan. You’ve gotta hear the way this chick moans, it’s almost sounds like a wild animal. Then she took out a glass dildo and pushed it deep inside of her tender pussy. She used it like it was a hard cock fucking her and she didn’t stop until she had that much needed orgasm.

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Oye Loca - Sheila

The other day, I was chilling at my buddy Mickey’s house with his friend came over. Her name is Sheila and let me tell you this Latina is smoking hot. She’s one hundred percent Columbian and one hundred percent sexy. She’s gorgeous looking, but I couldn’t stop starring at her giant boobs. She was wearing this tight black top that really showed off her figure and made me want to drool. She’s married to some rich white guy but every once in a while, she’ll stop by Mickey’s house when her husband is out of town or too busy with work, if you know what I mean. Check out these photos of her and Mickey in action.

Mickey wasted no time getting down to business, he went right for her tits, pulling down her top and those giant fun bags came popping out. He was all over them with his hands and mouth. I’ll bet he could’ve played with her boobs all day long, but she wanted some of his rock hard cock. First, she took it in her mouth, then she took it deep inside of her pussy. He pounded her pussy and I loved hearing her sexy Columbian accent as she moaned with every hard thrust.

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The Real Workout - Audrey

The last few weeks, I’ve been working out with this hottie named Audrey Bitoni. Her thing is kick boxing and I’ve noticed a major improvement in her the last couple workouts. That was until there was a major setback today. That’s when she missed the target and kicked me right in the balls! It hurt like hell and I’ll admit, I dropped to the ground. She felt so bad and started to rub my balls. A few minutes later, I was starting to feel a lot better. Check out these photos from our workout.

She knew exactly how to make me feel a lot better. She started to suck on my cock, not caring that we were right in the middle of the gym. We had the place to ourselves right then, but at any minute that could change. But to tell the truth, I didn’t care either, especially when she climbed on top of me and stared to ride my cock like an out of control animal. I forgot all about the low blow that she had delivered. All that matter now was that my balls were fully functioning.

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Innocent High - Ally Ann

One of the problem students at Innocent High is Ally Ann. This blonde looks all cute and innocent, but she’s always causing problems in her classes. She’s always talking with other girls, disrupting classes. She never does her homework. She also has this bad habit of skipping class and sneaking off campus. That’s what she was doing today when the Innocent High principal caught her sneaking out of one of the side doors. He told her that she wasn’t going anywhere and to come with him to his office. It was time to call her parents!

Check out these hardcore photos and see how Ally Ann avoided that dreaded phone call home. She really didn’t care about getting detention or in school suspension, but she was afraid of her parents finding out. She was afraid they would ground her and she was willing to do anything to avoid that. She was soon on her knees and giving the principal a blowjob right at his desk. It didn’t stop there either. Right in the middle of the office, he pounded her tight pussy. She had never been fucked like that before and never covered in cum either.

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Solo Interviews - Laurie Ann Summers

Let me tell you about a chick that I’ll never forget. Her name is Laurie Ann Summers and not too long ago she stopped by my house for her photo and video shoot. She’s nineteen years old, your average college student but there was something that really stood out about her. She just had this naughty vibe about her. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, then she started taking off her clothes. She definitely wasn’t shy. Check out these photos of Laurie Ann Summers doing more than just stripping out of her clothes.

She has this tight body with cute ass. She told me that posing naked was making her so hot and bothered. She asked if she could use her vibrator and of course I wasn’t going to say no to that! She took out this long, metallic looking dildo. She didn’t waste any time rubbing it against her pussy like most girls like to do, she slid it right away into her tight pussy. She pushed it deep inside of herself and you should’ve heard her moan.

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You know how sometimes you just get so horny that you will fuck just about anything if it comes along? This is one of those times. It was late and I was hungry so I headed out to find some chicken when I ran across Dear sitting at a small table with a group of friends. They were all flirting with me but she was the only one who was aggressive and made the move. She instantly stopped eating her rice when she saw me and walked over and started rubbing my cock right in front of everyone. Once I was hard it was just a matter of waking Dimitri up to film me nailing this rice eating slut. I should of worn a rubber with this street whore but it’s too late to worry about all that… her pussy was just what I needed.

Oye Loca - Ginger Havanah

The other week we put an ad in the local paper looking for a Spanish-English translator. We had a few chicks reply to the ad, but the first one we set up an interview with was Havanah Ginger. She sounded hot on the phone, I couldn’t wait to see her in person. I was shocked, she was smoking hot with some killer curves. She had these huge boobs and a nice round ass that not even her conservative interview suit could hide! I knew that I wanted her to be more than just our translator!

I broke it down and told her why we really needed a translator. I told her that we needed someone to translate when we went out hitting on Latinas. I told her that we bring them home, fuck them and capture it all on film. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, she seemed kind of conservative. I was shocked when she said she didn’t just want to be our translator, she wanted to star in one of our films! Next thing I know, she has her lips wrapped around Mickey’s rock hard cock. Check out these video clips from our interview with Havanah. Of course, she fucked him too!

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Innocent High - Ashley

I thought Ashley was one of the good girls. She was well behaved and never caused any problems for her teachers. Then one day she came to class in this very short mini skirt that didn’t cover much of her cute butt and a tight blouse that was totally unbuttoned and just tied at the bottom. It showed way too much and normally I wouldn’t complain, but as the principal at Innocent High, I was going to have to call her parents so they could bring in a different outfit.

Ashley totally freaked out when I told her I was going to call her parents. She told me that she would rather get detention for a year than have them find out. I told her that maybe we could work something out. I was a reasonable man and maybe she could convince me that I didn’t need to call her parents. Check out these photos and see how this eighteen year old avoided her parents finding out. Next thing I know she’s on her knees with my hard cock in my mouth. She’s only eighteen, but wow can she suck cock. She’s not a bad fuck either!

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The Real Workout - Mya

The other week, Mya Nichole was watching beach volleyball on television. Believe it or not this tattooed hottie, used to be a jock. She was the star of her school volleyball team. She thought that it would be fun to get back into shape and see if she had what it took to make it into one of these tournaments. She hired my services to help her train. To tell the truth, I don’t know much about volleyball, but I wasn’t about to tell her no. Check out these photos from my workout with Mya.

As you can see the workout, didn’t exactly go like planned. Not that either of us were going to complain. One minute, I’m showing her how to properly hit the volleyball and the next minute, she’s showing me how much she likes to suck cock. However, that blowjob was nothing compared to fucking her beautiful ass. She has this thick, round ass and I couldn’t believe that my cock was buried deep inside of it! That’s one workout that I’ll never forget.

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Solo Interviews - Destiny Summers

Meet Destiny Summers. Destiny is a very horny 18 year old Asian. She’s cute with a banging body. She knows that men like her. She’s always getting hit on – at the mall, at the grocery store. Just walking down the street men stare at her. At first she was overwhelmed by all of the attention, but now she’s really starting to enjoy and she’s not afraid to use her looks or her body to get what she wants. Check out these photos of Destiny from her photo shoot for Solo Interviews.

Along with her killer body and good looks, Destiny also has a wild sex drive. She’s the type of girl that needs sex every day and if she doesn’t get it, she’ll get herself off. She admits that she loves to masturbate, saying it can be so satisfying. Today, she put on a special show for the camera. She started with her fingers, but it wasn’t long before she took out this little orange sex toy. I had never seen anything like it before, but she loved it. She rubbed it against her clit, pushed it inside of her pussy and you’ve gotta hear the way it makes her moan.

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Oye Loca - Vanessa Lane

Today, we saw an interesting ad in the newspaper. It didn’t say it out right but it was definitely for a whorehouse full of Latinas. We sent Mickey over to investigate and he hit the jackpot! When he got to the door the madame, Vanessa Lane and introduced herself. The second he saw this chica he knew that he didn’t want any of the other girls, he wanted her. It worked out because she wouldn’t let him near any of the girls until she had tested out his services first. Check out these wild photos from his afternoon with madame Vanessa.

They were going to go upstairs to her bedroom, but they never made it there. He was walking behind her up the stairs and seeing her ass in the lingerie was too much to resist. He couldn’t stop himself from getting a closer look. Next thing you know, they’re in the living room and she has her pretty mouth wrapped around his rock hard cock. But soon it was his turn to show what he could do. He pounded her pussy and definitely passed the entrance test.

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The Real Workout - Kagney Karter

Hey boys, my named is Kagney Karter. The other week I went out golfing with my father and my brothers. They’re all good at it, but to tell the truth I suck. Pun intended! Anyways, I thought today I would head to the local driving range and practice some. Well, one of the course pros saw me struggling and offered to help me out. Wow, did he ever help me out! He helped me with my form, technique and my swing. By the end of the day I was starting to get better. Check out these photos from my round with the golf pro.

The real fun started when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I bent over and gave him a full view of my bare pussy. He started to finger me and I knew that I wanted to go some place more private. We ended up back at his place and my clothes ended up on the floor of his living room. He gave my pussy a hard fucking and who ever said that golfers aren’t athletes, has never been fucked by a golfer. He can definitely hit a hole in one with me.

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Innocent High - Cameron Love

Well, school break with a lot of wild things going on. Maybe one of the wildest things to happen involved a redhead student named Cameron Love. Usually, it’s the Innocent High students getting in trouble, but that day it was one of the students help catching a trouble maker. Check out these wild photos from Cameron’s adventure.

Cameron was changing in the principal’s office for the big winter dance when Mr. Gozinya came into the office. He said his name was Mr. Gonzalez, but Cameron knew better. She also knew that there was a huge reward for him. However, in exchange for an Ipod, she said that she wouldn’t turn him in. And to prove that she was serious this eighteen year old got on her knees and started to give him a blowjob. It definitely earned his trust, but when she didn’t get his Ipod, she found him and turned him in to the police!

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We met Mam on a bus on our way back to Bangkok from Chang Mai. As luck would have it, she was amused by our dumb jokes and started talking to us and explained that she is 18 now and is on her way from the farm to the bars of Bangkok where she will start a new job in a Go-Go Bar and support her family. Of course we wanted to help her and her poor family so we offered her her first piece of work. Mam was very excited to start earning money to send home to her parents so she jumped at the chance to be a boom-boom movie star. Though she was young, this little girl has been fucking for a while and loved every stroke of the cock… all the way to the very end where Jimmy unloads inside her beautiful Thai pussy. I don’t know much in life but I do know this… Mam is one horny girl and that pussy of hers is going to make her parents very rich.

Solo Interviews - Yasmine

I think you’re going to like this ebony babe that I photographed the other day at my studio. Check out these very sexy photos of this ebony chick. She had never done any sort of modeling before, but says that she had been thinking about it for a long time. Even though she’s pretty out going and even a little on the wild side, she was nervous about being in front of the camera the first time. But she said it was a fantasy that she wanted to make come true! Let me tell you, seeing her in front of my camera was definitely a fantasy cum true for me too.

It wasn’t long before she was stripping out of her sexy lingerie and revealing her amazing body. She has these above average sized boobs with her nipples pierced. And of course, I have to mention her amazing ass. But it wasn’t just her body that I liked, this chick was a nympho in the bedroom. She said that she loves getting fucked. She likes to have sex every day, but if she doesn’t have a stud to take care of her, she has no problem slipping her hands between her legs and taking care of herself.

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Noi is a freaky Thai whore that will tell you flat out that she likes big dicks and she likes to get fucked hard. She’s in her 20’s and has lived all over the world but continues to come back to Thailand because she claims she gets bored in places like Chicago, Paris and Spain. Go figure. If you ask me, I think she can’t get enough dick and keeps coming back to get fucked. Noi has a great pussy and can suck a mean cock. The kind of sucking that only comes from experience… lots of experience. We paired up Noi with Mr. Kincade for a fuck fest resulting in her cunt getting filled to the rim with his baby juice. And that my friends is a happy ending.