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Club X Videos is a diverse porn site offering various types of new pictures and porn movies. This porn database is brimming with XXX clips starring amateurs, big-name pornstars, schoolgirls, Latinas, ebony beauties, and everyone else in between. The biggest thing about this website is the fact that it has lengthy descriptions and the content itself was clearly cherry-picked. There’s not a single video that is tame or lame. Speaking of which, let’s briefly discuss the latest trends in the world of online porn!

Which porn genre is the most popular right now?
Amateur online cams are on the rise! There’s a very good reason why people turn to this kind of pornography. You see, these types of voyeur XXX videos are real, sometimes excessively so. Not everyone wants to see dolled-up pornstars indulge in fake moaning and fake orgasming in order to earn a paycheck and just be done with it. Some people want to see genuine passion, lust, and attraction and that’s where these amateur online cams come in. The couples involved don’t fake anything, don’t follow any scripts, and won’t start faking an epileptic seizure once they “cum.”

What are the other popular porn genres?
Well, we got several. First and foremost, there’s cartoon porn. People seem to really dig these beautifully animated and masterfully rendered XXX videos that focus on famous fictional characters. Obviously, you don’t need to worry about making them realistic, so they’re the polar opposite of those amateur online cams!

The second XXX genre that is worth mentioning is interracial pornography. Even though our society is not really xenophobic anymore, there’s still an inherent aura of taboo about these kinds of videos. Black guy/white girl pairing is extremely popular, so get ready to see many many videos that focus on Caucasian teens getting “blacked.” Other popular porn genres in no particular order – fauxcest, teens, MILFs, lesbian, anal, BBW, and POV. All in all, we’d say that pornography does a great job of changing/evolving and keeping up with the times.