I Shoot My Girl
It takes her a lot of work to get him to understand that she doesn’t want to suck his dick, she wants it deep inside of her. She tries her best to get him to realize that she isn’t in the mood for sucking cock, she wants to get fucked hard doggy style. Some men are dumb as a can of rocks, but this guy should have known that she wanted to get fucked and not deep throat him. He’s either got very little sense or is complete stupid, he should have known that she wanted his big fat cock in her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy is so damp you can almost smell her scent through your computer screen. Can you even fathom how strong the scent of her pussy is while she’s gotetting so worked up trying to get him to fuck her? This lucky guy might be as stupid as a fly on a pile of shit, but he knows how to lay her once he gets in the groove. She probably should write what she wants him to do to her on a wall, that way it won’t take him a week to figure out that she wants to feel his cock inside from behind. Hopefully you guys know to jack off while looking at this pictures, though this guy wouldn’t. This guy would need someone to tell him to jerk off looking at these pictures, but you don’t.

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