Paola had just turned legal eighteen and she already
knows what she wants in life: a huge rock hard boner
in her mouth at all times. She insists that cock is
her dope. We can only smile in disbelief! Blame it
on a lack of a father figure or there were never real
men in her life. She is so addicted to cock that she
has to smoke to keep from sucking off every guy she
meets. She even admitted going down on a guy she didn’t
even find remotely attractive! The compulsion to kneel
down and wrap her hungry eager lips to a fugly man’s
fugly cock is so irresistible, it’s pathological! What’s
worse, her new boyfriend is a wimp! Not only does he
packs a small peepee, he’s as sexually inert as a sex
offender that’s been chemically turned into a eunuch!
This girl is in serious need of help! Luckily for her,
we knew the right treatment to satiate her appetite
for cock. We felt we needed to intervene for her when
things get too desperate. The sympathetic motherfuckers
that we are, decided that a good long session of porking
is underway!

“Poor Paola” has now turned to “Ooooh, Paola!” We thought that giving her what she wants and giving it to her till she screams “uncle” is
a good way to go. Too much of a good thing usually
makes for revulsion soon afterwards. Who knows what
she might have done if we hadn’t provided her with
this mouth-watering, throbbing cock for her to feast
on? She was forever grateful and thanked us by riding
that cock nonstop! Now, that’s a good girl.

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