It’s just uncanny how the Boss just finds these amazing
hotties. Princessa is a smoldering eighteen year old
Mexicana. As a first-timer, she gets to show us her
wares and how she uses them. But to our dismay, it
wasn’t good enough. So we decided to place her in Porn
Boot Camp. Princessa signed up for the program and
was pleasantly surprised how much fucking she had to
do for practice. She needs to be in tip-top shape before
she does her first porno. Good thing, our females coaches
had been pretty diligent in teaching her the fine points
of cock sucking, fucking and cum play. It was an educational
journey for Princessa. She admits though that it was
a very tiring.

A few weeks later, her instructors told us Princessa
is good to go. She’s finally ready to shoot her first
porno. Everyone is excited. She shaved her pussy as
dictated by the Porn Boot Camp Handbook and started
doing her stretches. She has started vocalizing so
that she can scream to take out the frog in her voice.
And her sweet pussy had been swabbed with honey and extra
virgin olive oil for extra fruitiness. Will she make
the grade? Watch and see.

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