IYana had started putting braces on when she was nineteen
to correct her crooked teeth. She told us that she
looked fugly the year before. Now at twenty, she’s
as pretty as a fresh spring flower. And this flower
we’re so anxious to pluck! But we had a problem with
this Egyptian-born Brazilian. Yana loathed Americans.
She tells us that Americans are arrogant scum of the
Earth who likes to wag their money in front of poor
Latinos. As cute as she wasracist, we wanted her to
show how we Americans can be so thoughtful by not only
being generous with her with our money, we want her
to fully experience our cocks!

Yana started seeing things our way when she catches
sight of the Boss wiener. Her mouth suddenly went dry
and her nipples hardened. We were a good feet away
from her but we can tell at that distance that she
wanted his boner. The minute the Boss shoved his love
rocket into her face, she greeted it with the universal
greeting that most sluts do: they make beso beso .
Soon, she was all over the dick, slobbering all over
it and then sucking it like mad. She looked like one
of those calves who suckle on their mothers’ teat.
Her ardent sucking soon gave way to groin battle! Want
to know more? Watch the movie and see how one slutty
anti turns pro!

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