We met Mam on a bus on our way back to Bangkok from Chang Mai. As luck would have it, she was amused by our dumb jokes and started talking to us and explained that she is 18 now and is on her way from the farm to the bars of Bangkok where she will start a new job in a Go-Go Bar and support her family. Of course we wanted to help her and her poor family so we offered her her first piece of work. Mam was very excited to start earning money to send home to her parents so she jumped at the chance to be a boom-boom movie star. Though she was young, this little girl has been fucking for a while and loved every stroke of the cock… all the way to the very end where Jimmy unloads inside her beautiful Thai pussy. I don’t know much in life but I do know this… Mam is one horny girl and that pussy of hers is going to make her parents very rich.
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