Hardcore toon porn

Two hombre friends are moving down the street. One of the gentlemen wants to pay his girlfriend a visit and they head on their way. While they were walking, one of the men gets hit by a car and he is pushed back and knocked out. The hombre friend picks him up, he notices that he is still breathing but he will need somewhere to lay down. Being that they were so close to his girlfriend’s house, he decides to carry his male friend over to their house.

When he arrives, he places him on the couch and starts to show his longing desire to be with his girlfriend. Even though the friend remains laying on the couch, they can’t fight their feelings anymore, they must have each other! They continue their foreplay and start to kiss and touch other in provocative ways! During their bang session, she climbs on top and rides him! He finishes her off by banging her in missionary position!

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