Hardcore toon porn

Sexy Lara Croft is on another adventure. As she explores more unknown areas, she starts to have a bad feeling. Her feeling was right! A man that looked like a statue has come to life and attacks her, quickly knocking her down to the ground! As the two wrestle, Lara’s swift moves are too much for the man and he is then bound and chained to a wall. Lara takes her clothes off and tells the man that she is going to bang him and then kill him.

With the man up against the wall, Lara gets down on her knees and starts to perform a blowjob on the seemingly life like statue that has come to life. She takes in every inch into her mouth and throat, and the proceeds to stand up and guides the man’s hard banana into her tight climax cunt! She bends over; assuring that gets banged in the best possible position! She makes sure that she gives him the best bang of his life before he finishes him off.

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