Gay toon porn

A boy couple walks down the street to head to a night club where crossdressers’ undress on stage for their admiring customers. The couple chooses a table and sits down to watch the show. One of the men gets up from the table and excuses himself to the bathroom, he’s hoping there is a crossdresser in there that are in need of some booty servicing!

As he stands at the urinal, a crossdresser in a eager red dress putting on her lipstick notices the man and what an incredible booty the man has! She walks up to him and starts to rub the booty that she craves. Asking what she wanted, she replied with an answer that surprised him; she wanted him to bang her! His wishes of finding an booty to bang in the bathroom have come true! They passionately take each other’s clothes off and start engaging in a hard blown sex romp!

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