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This fairy story begins with the story of three daughters of a rich merchant in France. Two of the sisters loved sex, but the other sister named Beauty, was a maiden and wished to remain a maiden until she was engaged. The two active sisters were known all over town as the best banana suckers and the best hussies around! No matter how many hombres tried to pursue Beauty, she remained faithful to her morals of staying a maiden until marriage.

One afternoon, their father got a letter of some bad news. Their riches turned to rags overnight! They were forced to leave their life of luxury, and moved far away from the town that they loved and lived in. The girls, now peasants, did their work and chores, while still servicing their town with their craving cunts and banana sucking lips. Beauty remained single, and therefore, also remained a maiden. She couldn’t think of leaving her father in a time of need!

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