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This hentai involves ancient Egyptian kings and princesses. It starts out in a temple, and shows a goddess sucking the banana of a servant. Even back then, the hentai hussies were into chick on chick action – wearing only a sheer cover over her body, the priestess walks thforceful her favorite room and holds her gay woman lover’s ass. It is not allowed to have men in the temple during the holy month, so babes gotta do what babes gotta do!

As the gay woman lover goes to question servants, she hears screams and groans coming from inside the bedroom. She has no idea that she is buck naked, facing a mirror on the floor, and fingering her tight cunt while she watches herself. She thought that the servant was with a man, but after she busts into the room with the hentai kitty cat, she finds that she is alone. Although she is in her most private moment, she is caught up in it, even with someone in the room watching. She says that she was not in the Mysteries of Osiris room and the chick leaves her to rub on her clit.

She finally finds the culprit – she was desperate to have a man during the holy month, and she let him in and he damaged the image of Isis before beating and banging the goddess real good.

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