May 10

Bolshoi Theatre

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One night in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre the last performance of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty featuring this season’s top ballerina Alexandra Rimanova as the fairy. Every eye is on her especially those of Vladimir Bogarovski, KGB officer. The performance is over and the dancers take a bow. Alexandra returns to the dressing room with Philip who danced the part of the prince. There she finds a note inviting her to dance for him at a reception. It always paid well! That’s what Alexandra think, another one who just want to bang her. Alexandra is obsessed with sex and so is Philip. Before others came into the dressing room they have a quick bang session reaching climax together.

A few days later Alexandra Rimanov goes to see Vladimir Bogarovski and crosses the Red Square. A feeble sun shines thforceful the fog. Vladimir had asked her to come by two weeks before reception to go over the program for the invited together. He lives in a stately house as he got to be someone up high. Somewhat later Alexandra appears before Vladimir Bogarovski. He doesn’t say a word and looks her over. He gives a sign and the music starts.

She starts dancing, turning, and jumping in time with the music. Her skirt moves up with every move. She is not wearing anything underneath. After the music ends the ballerina sheds her clothes and kneels for Vladimir Bogarovski. See how the story continues the Russian way!

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