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Christmas is the season to see who has been eager and who has been nice, and Amalio is just about to make the eager list! Wandering aimlessly while his wife shops he happens upon a body makeover demonstration and is asked to participate. Mother Christmas demonstrates the body solution by showing off her exploding mounds of torpedoes to the audience. Amalio guests and then measures her chest, while burying her nose deep into her cleavage.

Turns out that Amalio has great eyes and has just won a Body Master, however when his wife sees him she is none too pleased. As she tries to pull Amalio away from Mother Christmas, he holds on for dear life, unable to move his head from her pillowy torpedoes. Crashing to the floor, they make a tremendous scene and security must deal with the matter. Mother Christmas may end up on the eager list herself this year!

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