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Twas the night before Christmas… and lonely Scrooge was snoring away in his cold bedroom when a vision appeared before him. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come reveals her very eager self to Scrooge and shows him all that he could experience if he would only love. He sees visions of men and women banging, threesomes, and all the sex he could ever imagine. Suddenly Scrooge is a reformed man and wants nothing more than to love and serve. His protruding banana from under the sheets could have swayed him as well!

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge just where he needs to start his serving, and it’s with her pussy. He hussies her and finally cums after many dry years, but the Ghost may have yet another lesson to teach him! Scrooge needs to learn that serving a woman means holding his load until she’s ready to fellate her’s!

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