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This eager comic undress slut goes to confess her sins to the Father, but gets undressed in the priest’s cell. He thinks to himself what a beautiful Japanese chick she is, and begins getting very eager thoughts about her that involve his comic banana and this young asian chick confessing to him. He embraces her and tells her that everything will be ok, as he has his left hand on her unfold ass, and wearing only calf high boots and thigh highs. She thanks him and tells him to get undressed so that he can do his duty, and he does so right away.

This eager priest obviously had other motives, as he demonstrates how much he cares by putting his finger in her tight little asshole. He tells her that he will cleanse her body of sin, and as the two are having a spiritual moment, a witness has been watching them the whole time, and enjoying it so much that he has been holding his banana in his hand since they began! Who knows what he is going to do…or say, for that matter. All he knows is that they will be in big trouble with the church should anyone find out! Blackmail!

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