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Mr.Schwartz have been after Danielle’s booty for years is again trying out his luck today offering his special BIG sausage he got for her but getting nowhere. The only torpedoes Danielle like to see are Mrs. Schwartz’. She’d pay 20 bucks just to see them. When they got into the back room with Mrs.Schwartz, Danielle bet on her booty she’d like to eat them and Mrs.Schwartz had something else to be sucked and eaten, her nice and eager pussy. Sol approached behind telling he would give them both an A Plus in cunt eating. Danielle being teasing Sol for years plead for permission from her for him to bang her at last.

And they’ve started the show oh boy. An amazing sex pleasance between a couple and a gay woman eager booty girl. See what’s going on behind that door in the back room.

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