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Now here is one eager slut who will do anything to protect the petrol station she works at. A black robber comes in and demands that she give him all the money in the cash drawer, but what this hentai thief does not know is that this is one dirty little slut with a mind of her own. She has her own way of dealing with bad hombres until the cops arrive. She will take off her top to show him her breast to distract him.

While holding a gun, the robber decides that he is gonna bang her and get a good banana fellate from this whore before he takes the money. He lets his guard down and slips his banana into her pussy. She figures that the cops will be here at anytime. They finally pull up and witness the robber banging her with his huge rod. This makes them hombrey, so the two cops end up banging each other. When they get inside, they notice the eager booty the robber has as they handcuff him. They take his mask off to find he is a very ugly man, and the poor clerk is horrified that she banged such an ugly hombre.

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