Hardcore toon porn

In this toon, the perverted old sailor finds a couple of stranded babes, floating on a banana raft in the middle of the ocean. One has no top on and a pair of short shorts that are soaking climax (from what, who knows!), and the other girl’s top is torn and you can see her left hentai boob, and she is wearing a short and climax mini skirt. After he gets them into the boat, they lie in a bed and he finds them looking so sexy, just lying there, fatigued and starving, so they are completely knocked out.

He starts undressing them and thinks about how they will not even remember anything when they wake up. He thinks that this is what they owe him for saving their lives. He licks their pink pussies, and hussies their tight holes. He even blows a load of hentai cum all over the blonde chick’s torpedoes. He proceeds to the black chick and hussies her meaty pussy, and eventually sticks his banana in her asshole. This wakes both babes up, but they are not upset – they enjoyed being engaged advantage of, and getting cummed on. Even though their asses may hurt the next day!

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