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Flower was born on the banks of the Caribe… But she’s not dark-haired. Sometimes the rain that beats down on the green dome of Cariari haloes the hair of its inhabitants with golden light and makes their eyes glow with emerald and sky-blue sparkles. The Caribe caresses those river folk with soft waves and the worm perfumes of tropical essences kiss their young bodies very early. Blame it on the sun. The Hymen is the forbidden flower. The taboo blossom whose fragile and easily broken petals exhale an acrid incense, The Genesis of Bliss.

So the pages of the calendar fell one by one, teased by the autumnal winds of time. A woman is just on time for her appointment for professional help. She starts telling that they were thought to master their bodies. They were made for pleasance and not for suffering. With her sister spying from a bathroom while she was banging a tenant. She knew about it… Those were the rules of the game! Come inside, see and learn the rules of the game for yourself.

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