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This dirty slut had been dreaming about having sex with her father… She is feeling terrible about this, but she cannot stop thinking about riding that hard cock, and seeing his cum explode out of the tip of his dick. She walks out into the palace and her attention is caught by two bathing ebony beauties. They try to get her to take a bath with them. She allows them to help her bathe and wash her down. The black African girl’s face soon disappears under the water, and the chick looks for her.

Suddenly she feels a warm tongue on her pussy, and they soonafter make out and you see some eager cunt to cunt action. This is a eager interracial cartoon, and the babes are enjoying themselves a lot. The army breaks in and they start to invade the greek temple. They are scared to death, but are standing there butt naked since they just finished banging.

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