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Juliana was in need of a medical checkup and decided to make an appointment with a new doctor she had just recently met. Her husband came along with her but was told to wait patiently in the waiting room as his wife received a physical examination. The doctor and Juliana had a strange attraction to each other. The chemistry was undeniable and they gave in to their eager desires! They started out by passionately kissing as he slowly undressed her.

She got up on the exam table in nothing but high heels and her thigh highs and spread her legs wide unfold to receive the doctor’s hard cock. He ate her cunt out before sticking his love rod deep inside and thrusting fast and hard each time! All the pleasurable groans and screams could be heard out in the waiting room! When everyone stormed in to see what was going on, everyone was in total disbelief and shocked!

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