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The eager Lara loves to explore caves and tombs, but this time, it was something else that wanted to explore her! A mummy comes to life and finds her appearance stimulating. His desire for her becomes clear as he forces himself on Lara! Even though Lara wanted the mummy to stop, she soon found herself enjoying every pleasurable thrust of his mummy dick!

He bent Lara in doggy style position and banged her nice and forceful before she climbed on top of him to ride his pleasance stick! With her back arched, she continued to bang his stiff rod as she reached up to feel her soft big torpedoes. Lara never thought that in the middle of her exploring, that she would find herself a hard banana to bang her tight twat! More than ever, Lara loves going on adventures, who knows what she might find next, another mummy banana perhaps!

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