Softcore toon porn

Two chick friends stood outside an elevator and arguing how the one friend is a sex maniac. Soon enough, the elevator doors unfold and both babes got in. As the elevator moved up, the babes started to chat about the others sexual romps. Secretly desiring her friend and knowing how much she loves sex, she made a move on her! She asked if she liked babes like herself, and soon after, they were up against the walls of the elevator! They rubbed each others’ torpedoes on top of their form fitting tops and slowly worked their hands down to their craving eager areas. The touch of a female was better than they could even imagine!

They started to kiss so passionately before exposing their torpedoes to be licked on and sucked on by each others’ warm moist mouths! Tongues lashed away on their hard nipples, as their hands started to undress each others’ clothes off their eager bodies!

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