Softcore toon porn

A hombre, seemingly lost while wondering about, approaches a castle. The castle looked as if it had been empty for some years, perhaps abandoned even. As he took a closer look, a young woman unfolded the castles door. She asked the man if he was lost. She asked him his name. His name was Merlin. Being such a nice hostess to the castle, she offered him a tour around the grounds, Merlin accepted the offer.

As the two started to tour the old castle, a conversation sparked. Merlin asked the chick if she lived in the castle home by herself, but she did not. It was her father’s castle. Her sister and she both lived on the property, but he was to never see the sister! Curious as to why he could never see the sister, she told Merlin to follow her and he would see why. They ran all around, not knowing what direction they going in, until they found the sister; she was a beautiful virgin girl!

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