Hardcore toon porn

Two women were at the mall and enjoying themselves, when a hombre sitting on a bench started to stare at them. He proposed for the three of them to get together and have some real fun, but the babes declined his indecent proposal since they were both happily engaged. The two housewives get up and start moving away and soon notice him following them outside. He offers them his assist in seeing them home safely. Being very afraid, one of the wives gave the stranger a good smack in the face with her purse and they started to run away!

As they ran, the stranger throws a rock at one the girls’ head and knocks her out! The other wife, not hurt, soon found his fingers being banged into her dry cunt before he stuffed it with cock! She was forced to bang his massive hard on, and no matter how hard she fought with the man, she still got his banana in her pussy!

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