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Now here is a eager nurse who finds a mishap with a patient. His hentai banana hurts bad. While he is screaming in agony, she thinks of a way to alleviate the pain. She decides that she would use what mother nature gave her – two big torpedoes. She would tittie bang that banana to get it hard and throbbing, and help forget the pain. The man is feeling much better, and has a huge smile on his face.

The doctor walks in on them and the nurse is standing proudly in front of his patient and says that it is now working fine (his dick, that is). As they stand at the foot of the bed, the patient blows a huge load of cum, and his pain is engaged care of. The nurse proceeds to the next room to take care of the next hentai adult character.

The patient thinks the nurse is eager and asks her if she likes boys and girls, and she replies that she does, very much so. The patient surprises her after she lifts the sheet and shows her the banana on her body. This slut has torpedoes AND a dick! She has never seen a hentai character of a transsexual before! Today is her lucky day!

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