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Not all boy hombres like rough, hard sex. Some like it passionate, and sensual. Erotic. That is how the boy men on this toon site like banging. They enjoy making out and kissing the lips of their partner while they feel their face and touch their body softly. They hold each other with their fragile arms and soft hands and gently slip their banana up between the thighs of their boy lover. They slowly turn them over and onto their stomach at which point they spit on their banana to lube up their banana and slowly and gently slide their banana into their partner’s ass.

This is when the soft groaning begins and the roughness starts. As soon as the partner hears them starting to get a bit louder, they start banging a bit faster and harder until the screaming is so loud that it sounds like great pain being inflicted upon them. This is when they both cum hard. While the one hombre was banging his partner, his partner was jerking himself off from under him, trying to rub one out to concentrate on that pleasance instead of the pain in his asshole. But in the end, both men enjoyed great pleasance of orgasm.

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