Hardcore toon porn

Now the pretty princess has woken up, and two monsters have her captivated in a room, on a chair. She demands to know what they are going to do with her, but they will not tell her. They say to plant herself in the chair and not to move, or some serious problems will arise. She does not understand the extent of the situation. The slut is royalty and they are going to demand money in exchange for her as a hostage! Everyone knows that this princess has loads of money since she is royal, and her family will pay to get her back – no matter what the price. But to the princess, she does not care what they do to her. She is into forceful sex now, and she wants them to take advantage of her and slap her around a bit. She asks if they will charge her for exposure if she flashes her coochie at them, but this hentai slut gets something else that she was hoping for. These Hentai monsters end up moving up to the tramp and giving her a few great slaps on the face, side to side, as she screams. But she makes a noise of approval which confuses them…

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