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Sarah is one eager brunette hentai slut, and she has been waiting for the moment her father goes into town so that she can release some sexual tension by masturbating. He takes off and says he will be back in a few hours, so she is safe for a while, unless something happens on the way.

She jumps onto the couch, thinking that no one is around, when in the middle of fingering her pussy, a man who works for her father occasionally walks by and finds what she is doing. He threatens to tell everyone about her masturbating if she does not let him help her out, so they go into the forest where no one else will find them and she gets down on her knees wearing no panties at all, and sucks on his cock. She love the way it tastes and hopes to soon taste his load of cum. As soon as he gets his share of sucking, he wants a jab at oral sex, so he tells Sarah to lie back – it is his turn! She does as he asks and tells him that he does not have to do that, but he tells her that he wants to taste her sweet cunt. She lies back and enjoys the climax tongue.

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