Hardcore toon porn

The employee of a mad scientist exacts his revenge after all those late nights spent toiling away in a lab! When John’s boss, Robert, invents a potion that shrinks any living thing that drinks it, John knows that this is the in he needs to finally conquer Robert’s wife Fay. Once Robert is out of sight, John drinks the potion and immediately shrinks down to the size of a mouse. His whole body might have shrunk, but his banana is still huge!

He creeps into the bedroom where Fay is sleeping and climbs into the bed to find her gaping pussy. Just what John has waited for! He begins playing with her cunt and gets Fay so hombrey she starts masturbating. After a close call of almost being swallowed whole, John shoves his banana inside her tightly clenched booty hole and rams his arm in and out of her dripping pussy, making her cum over and over again and finally fulfilling his pleasance.

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