Softcore toon porn

An angry boss calls up the two delivery men that were supposed to be there hours ago. The hombres tell her they are on their way. When they get there, they have to quickly think of an excuse, but one hombre knows how to handle women and tells the other hombre not to worry about it. He asks the irritated female boss for a glass of water and she replies with rude remarks.

Feeling sorry for the hombre workers, the boss’s assistant goes and gets a glass of water for the man anyways. She brings him the glass of water and offers him an apology on how rude her boss was treating the two men. As she passes the water to the man, they touch hands. Her hands are soft and smooth, making the hombre wonder what else on her body is soft and smooth. See what happens next as they make their way over to the new couch the hombres delivered!

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