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Now this hentai couple was just having a jolly old time in the park, sitting on their favorite bench, watching the birds eat the seed they gave them, and watching other elderly couples walk by. All of a sudden, they both notice each others faces getting younger. The first thing the hombre thinks about is banging his wife of 60 years. She cannot believe it, but she is happy also. It has been a long time since his big banana as banged her tight cunt in a comic.

Well, it is about time for them to have fun like they did when they were younger! She loves feeling his fingers probing her very climax pussy. He even licks her cunt like he did when they first met. He wants to enjoy this eager banging and sucking while he can because who knows how long it is going to last, being young again that is. This is the only place this could happen – in an adult comic! Just take a look at the detail in this chick’s pussy, and his throbbing dick! Getting old is no fun…and this couple is taking complete advantage of the situation of suddenly being much younger!

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