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In summary to travel in time, scientists managed a system that is relatively simple. All that is necessary for the traveller to lie down and the equipment that controls the operation and transports him to a predetermined time. They’ll be able to follow him, thanks to the reporting transmitter, which the traveller will carry. The images will appear on the big screen in front of them, the scientists.

Later on when the briefing was over and the scientists gave a coffee break there approached Luis, the cleaning lady Maria’s long away hombrey boyfriend. He immediately wanted it to be done, wanted to bang the cleaning chick so bad no matter where. There was two hombrey people and there was the bed, the bed that travels in time! After the bang chick keeps laying down and Luis starts playing with the controls when the scientists entered the room and guess what happens next…

That was only the beginning of a magnificient journey thforceful time for Maria uh, Willah, the desert chick from now on what she would be called, helping find a mate for Togar, the man with the hugest banana which no female could ever take it in, yet! Come and see more of this fantastic story.

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