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Oye Loca - Joyce Desouza

Check out these hardcore photos from our wild night with Joyce Desouza. We met Joyce at some club and you couldn’t miss her. She was wearing this tight dress that really showed off her body, especially her round ass. That ass just made her stand out from every other chick in the club. My buddy Franco started talking to her and when the club closed for the night, she came back with us to the hotel for a private pool party.

Five minutes after we get back to the hotel, she’s naked, showing off her amazing body and getting in position t suck my buddy’s cock. She sucked him, then he fucked her Latina pussy. Then it got really crazy. She invited one of the other guy’s to come in and join the fun. Soon, she’s on her knees, going back and forth on their cocks with her pretty mouth. The guys take turns fucking her dripping wet pussy, then cover her with hot, sticky cum.

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Monica Mattos - Oye Loca

What’s up! This week, we’re back in Brazil and things are already off to a great start. Check out these photos from our Oye Loca adventure last night. We were out and about, wandering with our translator when he spotted one of his friends, a smoking hot Latina named Monica Mattos. It wasn’t hard to figure out that she was going to be the next addition to Oye Loca. This chica had a banging body with perfect boobs and a bubble butt.

It wasn’t long before she was back at the hotel room and really getting to know my friend. She opened up her mouth and wrapped her pretty lips around his rock hard cock. You can tell that she’s had a lot of experience sucking cock. Soon, his thick cock was deep inside of her soaking wet Latina pussy. He fucked her from just about every direction possible, then left her covered with his hot, sticky cum! You’ve gotta hear the way she moans with her slutty accent as he’s pounding her pussy.

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Oye Loca - Malezia Rodriguez

Don’t let the glasses fool you, Malezia Rodriguez is not the kind of chica that you’re going to find at the library on a Friday night. When this smoking hot eighteen year old isn’t in class you can probably find her in some bedroom. This chica is addicted to sex. She can’t get enough of it, she has to have it three or four times a day. Last night, I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with this hottie. Check out these x-rated photos from when Malezia came over.

She came over to place last night and she didn’t waste anytime. Within ten minutes, she was ripping off her clothes and revealing her tight body. When she noticed the growing bulge in my pants, she practically ripped them off to get to my cock. She wrapped her sexy lips around my dick and didn’t let go until she was ready to fuck. I pounded her tight Latina pussy! This chick was wild in bed, always moving around, bouncing up and down and just driving me wild. It was amazing.

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Oye Loca - Annie Cruz

Today, I want you to meet a Latina named Annie Cruz. This petite teen looked so sweet and innocent when I first met her, but my buddy said just wait, it was going to get very interesting. Check out these hardcore pictures of our afternoon with Annie. Needless to say, I wasn’t left disappointed at all. As soon as we were alone with this chick, her clothes just started to come off, revealing her petite body. She wanted both of our cocks and she wanted them now. She was one of the most cock hungry nymphos that I’ve ever seen!

Within a few minutes, she’s on her knees, ging back and forth on our dicks. She makes sure that her mouth gives us equal attention. It’s not long before he’s fucking her tight pussy, while I’m keeping her mouth busy on the other end. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for her. Soon, she was begging for us to double penetrate her I fucked her pussy, while my buddy pounded her tight asshole. We left her covered in cum!

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Oye Loca - Michelle Honey

Today our journey to meet the hottest and horniest Latinas took us to Michelle Honey. This smoking hot blonde Latina has a huge pair of all natural boobs and a killer ass. Check out this photos from our afternoon with Michelle. I’ve meet a lot of horny Latinas, but she might be the horniest of them all. This is the kind of chick that needs sex every day and if she had her way, she’d have sex three or four times a day. She even says that she has problems finding men that can keep up with her.

Luckily, my buddy was up to that challenge. It got interesting as soon as her clothes came off. She sucked his cock and there was some very hot titty fucking action. However, it wasn’t long before he was pounding her pussy, drilling her from behind. I loved that angle, because the camera got an amazing shot of her butt. If that wasn’t hot enough, seeing her tits bounce as she rode his cock was definitely pretty sexy.

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Oye Loca - Juliana Gomes

We were just driving down the street when we saw this sexy Latina named Juliana Gomes. She looked completely out of place in this neighborhood. It turned out that her car had broken down so she was walking the rest of the way home. Of course, we were more than willing to give her a ride. When we got to her house, things got very interesting. She really wanted to thank my buddy for the ride and the next thing you know, she’s ripping of her clothes, showing us her amazing Latina body.

Check out these pictures and see what happened next. Soon, this sexy Latina is sucking his cock. She’s all casual about it like she’s sucked off complete strangers before. Of course, it doesn’t end with just a blowjob. Soon, he’s fucking her dripping wet pussy. He fucks her on top, she rides his cock, and then finally he pounds her pussy from behind. Then she gets one of the messiest cumshots that I’ve ever seen.

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Marcellinha Moraes

Marcellinha Moraes and her friend were playing strip poker last night. She lost, but I think everyone is a winner here! Check out these hardcore photos and see what happened after they finish the poker game. Marcellinha didn’t really know how to play poker, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to play. She was really bad, but I’ve never seen someone enjoy losing so much. Then once this chick lost, she started to rip off his clothes.

Soon Marcellinha is rubbing her pussy, putting on a very hot show for this lucky stud. Soon, he was joining in. First, she gave him a blowjob, but it wasn’t long before he was pounding her tight, Latina pussy. I love hearing her moan as he thrusts hard into her everytime. She has such a sexy accent. The only thing that was better than that was seeing her pretty face covered in cum. When he started to get close, she started to beg for a messy facial.

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Belinha Baracho

This week, we’re back in Brasil and that’s where we met a smoking hot Latina named Belinha Baracho. We were just walking down one of the streets and saw her shopping. We all stopped and our mouths dropped. She was wearing a skin tight yellow dress that really showed off all of her sexy curves. We all just stood there for like a minute before Matt finally walked over to her and started talking to her. Half an hour later, she’s back at the hotel with us. Check out these photos and see what happened next.

It wasn’t long before that tight yellow dress was on the floor and her sexy mouth was wrapped around his cock. This chica has definitely done more than her fair share of sucking cock. Of course, it wasn’t long before my buddy had his cock deep inside of her wet pussy. He pounded this Latina and I loved hearing her moan, with her sexy accent it was just so hot. She was moaning pretty loud when he was fucking her pussy, but when he penetrated her ass, you’ve gotta hear the way she moaned.

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Oye Loca - Bianca Lopes

The other night, my buddy and I hit the clubs in Miami. As far as Miami goes, it was a pretty lame so we were going to call it an early night after we grabbed a slice of pizza. There we saw a smoking hot mami named Bianca Lopes. Her friends had left her stranded and she was looking for a way to get home. Of course, we offered her a ride home, but when we got there, she invited us in for a couple of drinks. Well, you know what the means. The next thing you know, Bianca and my buddy are headed back to her bedroom.

Check out these x-rated photos and see what happened in the bedroom. This Latina teen looked so cute and innocent, but it wasn’t long before she was ripping off her clothes and showing off her amazing body. Soon, she was showing off something else, her oral skills. You can tell that she’s had a lot of experience sucking dick. It’s definitely not her first time getting fucked either. My buddy pounded her tight pussy then covered her faced in cum.

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Oye Loca - Megan Jones

Let me take you back to one of the first sluts that we ever filmed for Oye Loca, a bootylicious Latina named Megan Jones. She came over to hang out at the pool, but she ended up fucking Mickey in the bedroom. Check out these photos and see Megan getting drilled. One minute, he’s rubbing tanning lotion all over her curvy body, the next they’re in the bedroom and she’s sucking his cock. Turns out this chick isn’t as sweet and innocent as she looks.

She gives Mickey a world class blowjob. She bobs her head up and down on his cock like it’s her job. She takes him to the edge of exploding, but she doesn’t let him cum just yet. She gets on her back and practically orders him to come fuck her wet Latina pussy. He drills her pussy. My favorite part is when she’s bent over, her huge ass in the air, getting fucked hard from behind.

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Oye Loca - Amber

Check out these hardcore photos featuring a horny chica named Amber that we met at the beach. She’s half Latina, half white and one hundred percent horny. We met her at the beach and she was looking smoking hot in her pink bikini. Of course, we thought the bikini would look better on the bedroom floor. She had a thing for my buddy Joey and it wasn’t long before they were headed back to the apartment. That’s where things got really hot and steamy.

This chick was really craving a cock. Without even saying a word, she dropped to her knees and took off his shorts. It wasn’t long before she was opening her mouth wide and taking the thick cock into her throat. Of course, I also got to see her Latina pussy getting pounded. He fucked her from behind, he fucked her on her back, even had her ride his cock. He gave her a hard fucking and she still wanted more.

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Oye Loca - Nakita

Check out these photos of this voluptuous Latina named Nakita. By voluptuous I mean that this chica had a killer body with a nice pair of boobs and a killer ass. We met her at a club on South Beach and she was looking to do a lot more than just dance the night away. This chick was horny and wanted to get fucked. You should’ve seen the way she was grinding on my buddy Jason at the club. She was practically fucking him on the dance floor. The real action definitely started when we got back to the apartment, that’s where her really slutty side was revealed.

Within five minutes of us walking through the door, this chica is taking off her clothes, showing off all of her curvy body. She didn’t want to fool around, she wanted to get fucked. She bent over and soon, Jason was banging her doggy stye. He gave her pussy a hardcore pounding and fucked her in just about every position you can imagine. However, the highlight definitely came at the end. She was begging for his cum so he left her covered in a huge mess of sticky cum.

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Oye Loca

Marcellinha has got to be the hottest Latina porn star in the making. She stopped by after work today hoping I would fuck her and who could say no to this hot babe? But I told her that I wanted to film her this time and she went nuts. She was moaning before I even had my cock in her. She was even posing for the camera while my dick was in her mouth. Then she grabbed my head and shoved it to her pussy and told me to lick her dry. She tasted so good I almost didn’t care about getting my cock inside her.

But, she wanted my cock bad. Check out these photos of this hot little porn star that had me sticking my cock into her from every position. She even had me bending her tight body all over the bed, all while posing for the camera. She was so hot that she was grabbing her own tits and rubbing her own clit, screaming and moaning the whole time. She nearly wore me out before she threw me on the bed and hopped on my cock to give me the ride of my life.

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Oye Loca

I had quite a surprise when I got home from work today. Waiting inside my house was my girl Bianca, who just happens to be a smokin’ hot Latina that I’ve been crushing on for years. Imagine my shock when Bianca said she was so horny and really needed me to fuck her. She peeled off her dress before I could even process what she said. Check out these pics of her slammin’ body that looks even better naked than it does in clothes.

It was heaven when she was sucking away on my cock but I have been dying to taste her pussy so I pulled her into a raunchy 69. She tasted so sweet that I had a didn’t want to stop eating her but she was so tight that I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her. I wish you all could have felt how tight, hot and wet her pussy was on my cock. The only thing that stopped me from cumming right then was knowing how bad I wanted to see my cum on her tits.

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Oye Loca

I gotta tell you about the crazy shit that happened today! I still can’t believe it. I was getting ready to leave the health club when I saw this smokin’ hot Latina by the pay phone. She was upset because the phone was broke and her cell was dead. I took one look at her in that flirty animal print dress and knew I needed to get my cock inside her. I offered her my cell but lied and said it was back in the locker room. Luckily the room was empty.

She was so grateful that it was easy to push her to her knees and convince her to suck on my cock. At first, she was reluctant to actually fuck me but once I licked her pussy and got her nice and wet, she didn’t object when I yanked her onto my cock. In fact, check out these photos of Tami moaning and screaming and begging me to fuck her harder. After I came on her tits, I pulled my phone out of my pants pocket, called my boy and tossed the slut a towel. Hey, I’m a gentleman, you know.

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Oye Loca - Tabitha

Today, I want you to meet a horny Latina named Tabitha. What type of name is Tabitha for a Latina? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is that this chick is a complete nympho. My buddy picked her up at the beach and within just a few minutes of talking to her, he had convinced her to come back to the house for a photo shoot. She was under the impression that it was going to be a bikini modeling thing, but it wasn’t long before her bikini was on the floor and this chick was completely naked in the bedroom. Check out these photos of Tabitha.

She started out just posing naked on the bed, but it wasn’t long before her talented lips were wrapped around my friend’s rock hard cock. This chica definitely knows a thing or two about giving blowjobs, but of course it didn’t stop there. She was soon her back, her legs spread wide open, begging to get fucked. He pounded her soaking wet pussy and you’ve gotta hear the way she moans. Her accent makes her sound so naughty. They fucked in just about every position, until he finally pulled out and came al over her face.

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Oye Loca - Daisy Marie

I know you guys are going to love Daisy Marie! My buddy Jason met her a few weeks ago at the beach and today he invited her to come over and hang out at the pool. She came wearing one of the skimpiest string bikinis that I’ve ever seen and needless to say, it looked amazing on her curvy Latina body. However, I wasn’t going to complain when she started to take off the bikini. She was soon completely naked, showing off her amazing body to the camera. Of course, she did a lot more than just pose. Check out these smoking hot photos of Daisy Marie.

It wasn’t long before she was inside with Jason, really getting to know him. She seemed to love all of his hard muscles, especially the one between his legs. She opened her mouth wide and took the thick dick inside of her pretty mouth. The blowjob was just the beginning. It wasn’t long before this chica was on top of him, riding his cock. She got her pussy pounded from every direction and you’ve gotta hear the way she moans. Of course, there was a very messy cumshot at the end.

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Oye Loca - Nina

Today, I was the beach with my friend Red. It was pretty quiet for a Saturday or in other words, there was not hot mamis anywhere. We were about to go home when Red spotted this dark skinned Latina. I don’t know how he spotted her, she had to be half a mile away. It’s like he has a radar for finding Latinas. Anyways, he went over and started talking to her. He finds out that her name is Nina and starts flirting with her. Next thing I know, he’s rubbing lotion all over her body. What a beautiful sight!

But it got even better. Check out these photos of Nina spending some quality time with Red. It wasn’t long before the two of them were leaving the beach and heading back to the apartment to really get to know each other. Of course, by that I mean that her bikini came off and we got a great look at her amazing body. Soon, she was sucking his cock. She turned out to be a little nympho, begging to get fucked. He pounded her Latina pussy. The best part was that he covered her sexy ass with cum when he was done.

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Oye Loca - Adrianna Faust

The other afternoon, I stopped by my friend Jason’s house and found this smoking hot Latina hanging out by the pool. Her name was Adrianna Faust. She had a killer body – huge all natural boobs, a round ass and girl next door looks. When I first got there, she was laying by the water in just her bikini. That alone was a pretty amazing sight to see, but it got even better. She soon took off her top and let me take some shots of her topless. That’s when my buddy Jason stepped in and things got very hot and steamy. Check out these photos of the wild afternoon with Adrianna.

It wasn’t long before her bikini bottom came off and was giving him a wild lap dance. He was soon rock hard and she was getting on her knees and taking his huge cock in her cute mouth. She looks sweet and innocent, but she’s definitely a dirty slut. It’s not her first time giving a blowjob, that’s for sure. Of course, she’s no virgin either. She rides his cock like a pro, not stopping until he gets close. Then she gets back on her knees so that she’s in position for a huge cumshot.

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Oye Loca - Naomi

So my buddy has this little hustle he’ll pull when things aren’t going so hot when he’s trying to pick up a girl. He tells them that he’s a talent director for some variety show. It’s a pretty wild story, but chicas are always falling for it. This wild Latina named Naomi, fell, hook, line and sinker for his story. She was willing to do anything to get on televsion. And I do mean anything! Check out these x-rated photos and see exactly what I’m talking about! It started with her posing by the pool topless, but as you can see by the photo above, things got really interesting.

He talked her out of her bikini bottom next, then into his bedroom. This chica practically worshipped his cock with her mouth. She gave it the complete workout. Before he could cum, she jumped on to his cock and took it deep inside of her tender Latina pussy. She gave him one wild ride that only a Latina can do. Then she demanded that he pound her pussy from behind. He wasn’t going to say no to something like that. Then, he shot his load of hot cum all over her sexy ass. She really thought that she was going to be on the show after all of that!

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Oye Loca - Deedee

Check out this smoking hot Latina that we met at the beach the other day. This chica is named Deedee and while we were walking along the water, she definitely stood out. She even gave my buddy a smile when she caught him checking her out, so I knew that this was going to be an interesting afternoon. They get to talking and next thing you know, he’s convinced her to come back the place with us. She looked like the girl next door, but I think it’s safe to say this chica is one hundred percent a slut. Take a look at these photos from the fun that she had with my buddy and his hard cock.

Luckily, the place was just across the street from the beach. Within minutes of us walking into the house, she was taking off her bikini. She didn’t even want to wait for me to get the cameras ready. She was horny as hell and wanted cock now. It wasn’t long at all before this slut was getting down on her knees and giving him a blowjob. She took his cock in her mouth, then she climbed aboard him and took it deep inside of her tight pussy. She rode his cock like a wild slut, then demanded that he cum all over her face! We hit the jackpot with Deedee.

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Oye Loca - Jasmine

The other day my buddy Mickey Butters was at the grocery store when he met this smoking hot Latina named Jasmine. She had a boyfriend, but took Mickey’s number anyways. When he did hear from her after a couple of days, he pretty much forgot about it. Then she called. She said that she was having some problems with her boyfriend and needed someone to talk to. Well, it turns out that she wanted to do a lot more than just talk! Take a look at these photos and see how Jasmine got back at her boyfriend!

They didn’t do much talking. It wasn’t long before her mouth was full with Mickey’s rock solid cock. The wild thing is that she almost made Mickey cum early. I’ve never seen any girl have that effect on him! Luckily, he regained his composure and showed this Latina what he was all about. He ended up pounding her cunt, giving her exactly what her boyfriend wasn’t! Then she did something that she had never done for her boyfriend. She let Mickey cum all over her pretty face.

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Oye Loca - Sativa Rose

My buddy Mickey and I were headed off to the beach to scout for hot chicas, but before we even made it down the street, we spotted this smoking hot Latina. She was having some car troubles and Mickey, who doesn’t even know how to change oil in a car, went over to see if he could help. They were talking for a couple minutes while he pretended to look under the hood, but he was doing more flirting than repairing and I knew where this was going. It wasn’t going to be long before she was naked on my living room floor. Check out these photos of this horny Latina getting pounded.

Her named Sativa Rose and it wasn’t long before we got to see all of her amazing Latina body. She definitely had all of the right curves and she enjoyed showing them off. It wasn’t long before Sativa had her wet lips wrapped around his rock hard cock. This chick turned into a total nympho. She was out of control, sliding her lips up and down the long shaft. Soon, she was on top of him, riding his rock hard cock. She gave him a ride that I don’t think he’ll ever forget!

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Oye Loca - Alexis

Check out this barely legal Latina that my buddy Mickey picked up the airport today. She was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but he was already two hours late and she was becoming more and more convinced that he wasn’t coming. Mickey had just dropped one of his friends off at the airport and didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day, so he offered to give Alexis a ride home. However, they didn’t go to her place. Instead, they went to his place. She wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she looked. She may be just eighteen, but it’s safe to say that this chica is addicted to cock.

She really wanted to thank Mickey for the ride, but she wanted to do a whole lot more than just give him gas money. Instead, she was soon on her knees with his rock hard dick deep inside of her wet mouth. This chica really knew how to suck cock. In the middle of the living room floor, he pounded her tight Latina pussy. She’s petite and Mickey was afraid that he was going to break her if he fucked her to hard, but this slut kept begging for him to fuck her harder and harder.

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Oye Loca - Renae Cruz

What’s up mi amgos! You like that, I’m practicing my Spanish. Anyways, Mickey and I were back at the strip club the other afternoon, interviewing applicants. As you can see from the photo above one of the interviews got very hot and steamy. This mami’s name is Renae Cruz. She had the right dance moves up on stage, but we told her that we had a lot of applicants and asked why we should hire her to dance at our club. That’s when she invited Mickey up on to the stage for a lapdance and told us that she would show us why we should hire her. Check out these x-rated photos from our interview with Renae.

It started as your average lap dance, that is until she started to feel his rock hard cock. That’s when she ripped of his jeans and took his cock in her mouth. She gave blowjobs like she danced, let’s just say she knows how to work it! Then it got really wild. She tore apart her fishnet pantyhose so he could have full access to her dripping wet pussy. She climbed on to his lap and gave him an unforgettable lap dance. They moved into the VIP room and things got really wild. It wasn’t over until her sexy face was covered with his hot cum.

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Oye Loca - Isabella Dior

Our current scheme to meet hot Latinas is by running an ad in the local newspaper looking for Latina models. Of course, we don’t mention that it’s for adult modeling, but when the girls get here and meet Mickey, things tend to get pretty hot pretty quickly. The other day, a smoking mami named Isabella Dior stopped by the audition for us. She started out modeling in a bikini, but as you can see it wasn’t long before the bikini was gone, she was showing us all of her banging body and a whole lot more. Check out these wild photos of the afternoon with Isabella.

She was willing to do just about anything to get some modeling work – even fucking the photographer assistant, none other than my buddy Mickey. While I filmed it, he pounded her Latina pussy. I love hearing her moan with her sexy Latina accent as he fucks her. The only thing hotter than that, was seeing him unload his cum all over her sexy face. When he started to get close, she started begging for him to cum on her face. She even took hold of his cock, jerked him off until he was ready to explode than aimed his cock at her own face.

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Oye Loca - Ice

So my buddy came up with our craziest way yet to meet Latinas. Our friend manages a strip club and said we could interview prospective dancers. It turns out these chicks are willing to do just about anything to work here. Check out these photos from Mickey’s up close and personal interview with this chica named Ice. This chick was from Puerto Rico and had the sexiest accent I’ve heard yet. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she had a killer body. I loved her perky boobs, Mickey seemed to be focused on her round ass.

We made it pretty clear that the competition for a spot at this club was pretty stiff and we wanted to see what made her special. One minute, she’s putting on a show on the stage, the next minute, she’s working Mickey’s dick with her sexy red lips. Then she invited him up on to stage to fuck her. He pounded her pussy from behind, then she climbed on top of him. She went for a wild ride on his cock. It was one hell of a lap dance and one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in a strip club. Actually, the cumshot at the end was pretty damn hot too.

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Oye Loca - Sheila

The other day, I was chilling at my buddy Mickey’s house with his friend came over. Her name is Sheila and let me tell you this Latina is smoking hot. She’s one hundred percent Columbian and one hundred percent sexy. She’s gorgeous looking, but I couldn’t stop starring at her giant boobs. She was wearing this tight black top that really showed off her figure and made me want to drool. She’s married to some rich white guy but every once in a while, she’ll stop by Mickey’s house when her husband is out of town or too busy with work, if you know what I mean. Check out these photos of her and Mickey in action.

Mickey wasted no time getting down to business, he went right for her tits, pulling down her top and those giant fun bags came popping out. He was all over them with his hands and mouth. I’ll bet he could’ve played with her boobs all day long, but she wanted some of his rock hard cock. First, she took it in her mouth, then she took it deep inside of her pussy. He pounded her pussy and I loved hearing her sexy Columbian accent as she moaned with every hard thrust.

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Oye Loca - Ginger Havanah

The other week we put an ad in the local paper looking for a Spanish-English translator. We had a few chicks reply to the ad, but the first one we set up an interview with was Havanah Ginger. She sounded hot on the phone, I couldn’t wait to see her in person. I was shocked, she was smoking hot with some killer curves. She had these huge boobs and a nice round ass that not even her conservative interview suit could hide! I knew that I wanted her to be more than just our translator!

I broke it down and told her why we really needed a translator. I told her that we needed someone to translate when we went out hitting on Latinas. I told her that we bring them home, fuck them and capture it all on film. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, she seemed kind of conservative. I was shocked when she said she didn’t just want to be our translator, she wanted to star in one of our films! Next thing I know, she has her lips wrapped around Mickey’s rock hard cock. Check out these video clips from our interview with Havanah. Of course, she fucked him too!

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Oye Loca - Vanessa Lane

Today, we saw an interesting ad in the newspaper. It didn’t say it out right but it was definitely for a whorehouse full of Latinas. We sent Mickey over to investigate and he hit the jackpot! When he got to the door the madame, Vanessa Lane and introduced herself. The second he saw this chica he knew that he didn’t want any of the other girls, he wanted her. It worked out because she wouldn’t let him near any of the girls until she had tested out his services first. Check out these wild photos from his afternoon with madame Vanessa.

They were going to go upstairs to her bedroom, but they never made it there. He was walking behind her up the stairs and seeing her ass in the lingerie was too much to resist. He couldn’t stop himself from getting a closer look. Next thing you know, they’re in the living room and she has her pretty mouth wrapped around his rock hard cock. But soon it was his turn to show what he could do. He pounded her pussy and definitely passed the entrance test.

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