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Lavish is one of the main recruiters of Alpha Gamma Lez, a prestigious sorority that prioritizes sex over all else. Cherrie is a new ecruit and so she is got a few things she has to do to become an official Sorority Sista. First she has to sign in, then, enjoy a relaxing massage from Lavish, which leads to her sucking on those perky nipples. Then we move on to some healthy Ass bouncing and then some hardcore muff diving, pussy rocking girl on girl sex that was sure to leave a mark on the sista s Hall of Fame.

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Bet you have never played spin the bottle like these girls do. Osa, Cassidy and Kapri were in their room hanging out and decided to play spin the Bottle. But there was nothing innocent about this childhood game. it only took 3 spins for these girls to start licking each others pussy like their favorite chocolate Ice scream. In less then half a spin, these girls had dildos and strap ons out and fucking each other every which way possible. The only thing they did not use was the bottle itself…that is for next time.

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Dangerous is on a recruiting mission for Alpha Gamma Lez and she see a hottie with long silky chocolate legs in the parking

lot. She asks Dior Love if she wants to come back and eat some chocolate honey to become part of the sorority and Dior does not

hesitate. She yams that pussy deep with her tongue action and gets injected with a stiff strap on to make her cum like she’s never cum


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Donna and Luscious are a couple of bubble butt black teens ready for some dildo action.

Soon they’re putting double ended sex toys into their chocolate snatches. Those black cheeks spread

wide and shake as they have hardcore pussy eating sessions and taking dildos deep into their honey

holes. Luscious gets initiated into Alpha Gamma Lez by the oh’mighty giant dildo and loves every

minute of it.

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Tiffany picks up Nikki at the park and gets her over to the sorority house for a nice

initiation. She’s shocked when she finds out that she needs to take a ten inch dildo and lick

chocolate pussy to get into Alpha Gamma Lez. She’s scared at first but ends up loving the dripping

pussy juices thats she’s licking up.

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India and Hershey are black lesbian sistas looking for something to study; in their dorm room.

They decide to study each other’s delicious honey hoes! They take out their favorite study aid to help: a big

strap-on that get them both on track they fuck each other with intense ramming actions until they both drip cum

from their sweet snatches.

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Shayla and Ms Brazil decide to use some dildos to scratch those lesbian itches. Since they don’t

want to study and do homework, they have some down and dirty lesbian fun. There’s a whole lot of pussy pounding

with yummy dildos, and they just love yamming each other’s pink pussies.

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Sis-boom-bah! Two black teens have better things than studying to do after cheerleader practice.

Misty and Morning show off their pom poms and then get down to business. These teen lesbians explore each

other’s honey pots with strapons, dildos, fingers, and tongue. Looks like it’s finger licking good time in this

black lesbian movie.

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Marie and Destiny get some jungle fever and need to cool off. The best way is sucking on a double

edged dildo and getting fucked with a strapon. Look at that black teen’s ebony pink showing. It’s so juicy and

tight, with that strapon filling up her chocolate snatch. She’s so into it that she gets her black booty up,

begging to be plowed again and again.

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These strapon ebony babes just can’t resist each other. Unique and Sensious show off their bubble

butts, trying to turn each other, and us, on. They jiggle those black cheeks, letting those chocolate mounds

ripple and roll. Just when you thought you couldn’t see any more booty jiggles, she jumps up and down, leaving

a big chocolate quake in its wake. This assilicious video also includes some great ebony pussy and strapon

action that’ll make you blow your load in no time.

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Jada and Chavon are mocha and dark chocolate creaming together. These ghetto booty babes whip out

the sex toys and plunge into each other’s ebony pussies like there’s no tomorrow. Watch those black cheeks

bounce up and down as she rides her lover’s big strapon. Their assilicious assault shows the kind of lust that

goes on at Alpha Gamma Lez.

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Sidney is in her dorm room playing with her favorite dildo when Autumn walks in and decides she

wants in on the fun. These black teens don’t need a mammoth black cock when they’re got their trusty dildos

around. Their hungry mouths and pussies get filled up with big giant dildos

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kyy and Beauty are two horny black teens who know how to quench their lust. They pull up their

shirts, revealing ample black titties. They spread their legs wide for some hot dildo insertion into their bald

black snatches. You’ll be seeing some pink in this hardcore lesbian video, as well as some up close strapon


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Erika is walking and sees this new fresh girl on campus so she sees if she’s interested in joining Alpha Gammae Lez. She agrees to come over and learns that she needs to eat some pink pussy to get into the sorority. Not only does she eat pussy but she takes a huge double sided dildo into her freshmen honey hole.

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Sexy Sandy meets freshmen Milan on campus and notices that she has the perfect black titties and

wants to initiate her tight virgin pussy into Alpha Gamma Lez. Milan’s always wanted to be part of this popular

sista sorority but does not know whats she’s got herself into when she’s asked to spread her ass cheeks and take

a strapon shoving inside that chocolate wet pussy.

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