Fat Bruno found this gorgeous babe selling perfume in a department store. She seemed the prim and proper type you’d see buzzing around customers in this usual sort of place. Armed with spritzers, she would approach the unwary and spray cologne their way. After watching her from afar, he approached the spritz-happy cunt and offered if she’d like to shoot a porno. If Bruno hadn’t been a good judge of character, a typical bitch would cry foul and tell security on him. But no! The perfume girl’s face went from surprise to delight. She smiled conspiratorially and asked how much, without missing a beat.

Hours later, we find her in a rather delectable position: on her hands and knees getting her twat a much needed exercise. As welcoming as she was to new opportunities, she worked hard to make sure she gave us a remarkable performance. She introduced herself as Jasmin, the hot Arab princess who’s appetite for cock knows no bounds! Jasmin told us that she always had a fantasy of being a porn star. She likes guys to look at her buck naked. But since we’re in Saudi Arabia, her sexual appetites had never really been truly engaged, until now. Jasmin soon gets busy playing with big boners with her tongue and letting pre-cum be part of the lube as our stud line her pussy with his thick inches.

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