Oye Loca - Jasmine

The other day my buddy Mickey Butters was at the grocery store when he met this smoking hot Latina named Jasmine. She had a boyfriend, but took Mickey’s number anyways. When he did hear from her after a couple of days, he pretty much forgot about it. Then she called. She said that she was having some problems with her boyfriend and needed someone to talk to. Well, it turns out that she wanted to do a lot more than just talk! Take a look at these photos and see how Jasmine got back at her boyfriend!

They didn’t do much talking. It wasn’t long before her mouth was full with Mickey’s rock solid cock. The wild thing is that she almost made Mickey cum early. I’ve never seen any girl have that effect on him! Luckily, he regained his composure and showed this Latina what he was all about. He ended up pounding her cunt, giving her exactly what her boyfriend wasn’t! Then she did something that she had never done for her boyfriend. She let Mickey cum all over her pretty face.

You can see more of Jasmine at Oye Loca!

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