Latifah’s last name, Aludra, means virgin but believe me, this babe is far from one. Latifah hails from the West Bank of Israel. That means she is of Palestinian descent. Like most of her Jewish neighbors, Latifah doesn’t ordinarily flaunt her sexuality . You know how Muslim culture is so anti-woman, that being a cock hungry bitch would immediately lead you to a hanging! That’s how oppressed she is! But with the help of Incredible Pass, we allowed her to bring out all her whorishness that’s been locked up inside. We knew she’s been like a pot of boiling water that’s been closed shot. With one provocation, this bitch is ready to explode ! We were surprised of how much she put out! Until now, we didn’t know how horny Palestinian women can be! She enjoys everything about S-E-X and seems to can’t get enough it! We were simply flabbergasted with the passion she puts in her scene! Latifah loves to suck, fuck and take dicks in every orifice imaginable and I mean every goddamn hole. She’s such a horny little slut! She especially enjoys getting her chocolate brownstar stuffed with fleshy ten inchers. She’s been a revelation! This analistic bitch sure knows how to have a good time.

Sometimes we feel sorry for women like her. Through the centuries, they have all been cooped up in a world that doesn’t appreciate them. We’re glad we did our duty. Because now Latifah is finally free!

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