Oye Loca - Vanessa Lane

Today, we saw an interesting ad in the newspaper. It didn’t say it out right but it was definitely for a whorehouse full of Latinas. We sent Mickey over to investigate and he hit the jackpot! When he got to the door the madame, Vanessa Lane and introduced herself. The second he saw this chica he knew that he didn’t want any of the other girls, he wanted her. It worked out because she wouldn’t let him near any of the girls until she had tested out his services first. Check out these wild photos from his afternoon with madame Vanessa.

They were going to go upstairs to her bedroom, but they never made it there. He was walking behind her up the stairs and seeing her ass in the lingerie was too much to resist. He couldn’t stop himself from getting a closer look. Next thing you know, they’re in the living room and she has her pretty mouth wrapped around his rock hard cock. But soon it was his turn to show what he could do. He pounded her pussy and definitely passed the entrance test.

See more of Vanessa Lane at Oye Loca.

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