Oye Loca - Nina

Today, I was the beach with my friend Red. It was pretty quiet for a Saturday or in other words, there was not hot mamis anywhere. We were about to go home when Red spotted this dark skinned Latina. I don’t know how he spotted her, she had to be half a mile away. It’s like he has a radar for finding Latinas. Anyways, he went over and started talking to her. He finds out that her name is Nina and starts flirting with her. Next thing I know, he’s rubbing lotion all over her body. What a beautiful sight!

But it got even better. Check out these photos of Nina spending some quality time with Red. It wasn’t long before the two of them were leaving the beach and heading back to the apartment to really get to know each other. Of course, by that I mean that her bikini came off and we got a great look at her amazing body. Soon, she was sucking his cock. She turned out to be a little nympho, begging to get fucked. He pounded her Latina pussy. The best part was that he covered her sexy ass with cum when he was done.

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