One day, TheBoss was walking down the plaza. He needed one more girl to shoot before he can say Hasta La Vista, Arabia! But the girl he courted a day ago chickened out, and they badly needed a replacement. As he passed by a fork on the road, he saw a strikingly beautiful exotic girl walking down the street with her eyes closed and her ears plugged to an iPod. She was unaware that a car was speading towards her! Acting instinctively, TheBoss ran and pushed her to safety! As they lay face to face on the pavement, TheBoss realized that he had found her girl! The girl named Sophia was born!

At nineteen, this bitch is a little dim in the head. She’s not retarded but just slow. I guess she makes up for it with her incredible good looks and her can-do attitude. Who can’t resist her green eyes and her fetching smile? This little bitch has everything going for her, and TheBoss would like to milk some for us viewers. For someone so young, Sophia looked like she’d serviced a lot of cocks before. She tells us that she first had her taste of cock when her uncle pressed his crotch onto her when she was twelve. She was curious with it and continued to play all this time. She’s just perfect! She, however, don’t have much experience in getting cock in her small tight pussy. She was hesitant to tell us that she wasn’t as experienced down there as she was in the oralizing department. Not too worry, our resident stud would lead her to filthy dance of fucking! Will she graduate with flying colors? See and find out!

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