Oye Loca

I gotta tell you about the crazy shit that happened today! I still can’t believe it. I was getting ready to leave the health club when I saw this smokin’ hot Latina by the pay phone. She was upset because the phone was broke and her cell was dead. I took one look at her in that flirty animal print dress and knew I needed to get my cock inside her. I offered her my cell but lied and said it was back in the locker room. Luckily the room was empty.

She was so grateful that it was easy to push her to her knees and convince her to suck on my cock. At first, she was reluctant to actually fuck me but once I licked her pussy and got her nice and wet, she didn’t object when I yanked her onto my cock. In fact, check out these photos of Tami moaning and screaming and begging me to fuck her harder. After I came on her tits, I pulled my phone out of my pants pocket, called my boy and tossed the slut a towel. Hey, I’m a gentleman, you know.

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