Yuba is a tasty specimen of young womanhood. At nineteen, this Egyptian bitch has dreams of seeing the world and being a successful movie actress. She also have a curious love affair with American dollars. Yuba, you see is, is anxious to be rich and famous. She’ll do whatever it takes to earn our American dollars so she can go on her way to be a celebrity! Yuba got our attention when we she told us how high her ambitions were. Our ears must have been flapping with glee when we heard this. In the porn industry, we’ve always abide with the motto: ambition is exploitable. Incredible Pass can only oblige.

Before we were even about to hand her a contract, she was already stripping down and getting ready to roll in the hay. Thankfully, we had one stud available and they were already partaking of each other’s genitalia when our cameras begun to roll. Yuba is truly insatiable. Ambition is like an aphrodisiac which makes for sizzling hot porn. Our jaws dropped at how tenacious she is on the sack! She attacks like a ravenous beast! Soon, she had no problems with one big tube of sweaty man meat thrust into her tight wet womanhood. The climax will leave you groaning for more! Oh, and she swallows too!

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