The Real Workout - Brianna Beach

I’m usually never late for my personal training session, but today I was late for my session with Brianna because I was stuck in traffic. I wasn’t worried about her being angry because I was late. I was more worried about the meatheads at the gym hitting on her. I knew that would make her more angry. When I finally did get to the gym, she was waiting by herself in the upstairs gym. And that was just the start of this very interesting workout. She’s always flirting with me, but it became a lot more than just flirting today. Check out these photos from my workout with Brianna.

Brianna was wearing only a skin tight pair of workout shorts and a white sports bra and she looked pretty damn hot in it. So hot that I had a problem hiding my erection. I was worried that she might be offended, but instead she was turned on. She tells me that she wants to go someplace more private. We end up back at my apartment and she’s soon on her knees, giving me a blowjob. It didn’t stop there. I fucked her pussy, giving it a real workout that neither of us will ever forget!

See more of Brianna at the Real Workout website.

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