The Real Workout

The gym was pretty empty today so I decided to get a quick workout while I was working there. However, Charley Chase, the one client who was there started giving me a hard time about making too much noise. At first it seemed like she was actually angry with me, but then I could see that was flirting with me. She took off her sweater (showing off her huge boobs in just a sports bra) and started imitating me. I have to say listening to her moan as she pretended to lift really heavy weights. Check out these photos and see what happened next!

I was able to sweet talk her into coming back to my place. There I get to see more than just her huge tits. She pulled down the top of her sports bra and let me suck on them, but that was just the beginning of the fun. Soon, she was on top of me, riding my rock hard dick. It was the kind of workout that we were both really enjoying. Then to top it all off, she got on her knees to suck my cock. She wanted to finish me off with her mouth. She wanted some of my very special protein shake.

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