The Real Workout - Dasani

Today, was supposed to be my day off, but one of my coworkers called me and asked me if I could come in. I wasn’t doing anything but sitting at the home and since I owed him a favor, I agreed to come in. However, when I got there, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Instead, I found this big booty Latina named Dasani working out. She had on these pair of tight and ver revealing workout shorts on. It was hard not to stare as she worked out on the stair machine. I ended up helping her with her workout and by the time, my buddy found me, I was the one going home…with Dasani.

Check out these photos from my workout with Dasani. It wasn’t long before we were going back to my place to really make this workout interesting. This chick was a completely nympho. We were in my apartment for less than five minutes before she’s ripping off her clothes and getting on her knees to suck my cock. It didn’t stop at a blowjob either. It wasn’t long before I had my cock deep inside of her pussy. That was one intense workout and I finished it off by giving her my personal protein shake all over her face.

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